The Pastor with a thorn in his side -watch the launch event

On Wednesday evening I took part in the launch event for “The Pastor with a thorn in his side.” This new book presents seven stories of pastors who have experienced depression. The aim of the book is threefold:

  • To encourage pastors who are themselves facing depression
  • To help churches know how to love and support their pastor when he is going through suffering.
  • To contribute to a wider conversation about mental health and how to walk with each other through suffering of this kind.

You can now watch the launch event on YouTube

As well as hearing a bit of Alistair Chalmers’, Dan James’ and my stories, there isa helpful Q&A session.

You can now purchase the book either here through Day One

Or from 10ofthose

We would also love to hear your feedback -and if you are facing depression or walking with someone who is suffering in this way, please do get in touch as I would like to help and support in any way I can.

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