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September 2020

Christians, conspiracy theories and COVID Is it true that only 6% of COVID deaths are actually caused by the virus?

Angry at God? Is it okay to get angry with God? Do we need to learn to forgive Him?

Angry at God? (2) What to do with my anger

Angry at God? (3) The root cause of my anger

Angry at God? (4) The Trouble with me

Fear Faith and Coronavirus – Knowing the facts and knowing God will help us navigate between complacency and paralysis

Do we need to learn to doubt?

Pills Therapy and sin Is the answer to depression just to repent?

Grace Culture The importance of swift forgiveness and repentance

Woke? How has the word woke become the insult of choice?

Exploring forgiveness and repentance – is forgiveness dependent on repentance?

Does forgiveness remove the need for church discipline -what is the role of the church in forgiveness?

Forgiveness and reconciliation may not always mean a return to normal

Curiosity and coronavirus We are still not asking the right questions needed to defeat COVID-19

Dog Whistle racism is still racism

Specifically Wrong – A Government minister says that the Government are going to break international law in a specific and limited way. Can we really be okay with that?

Does Forgiveness need to be expressed to the other person? RT Kendall argued that you should not approach the other person to let them know you were offended if you have forgiven them.

Didn’t we expect coronavirus cases to rise? Without a vaccine we were always going to see an increase in cases after lockdown. We now need to think carefully about how we live as close to normal in a COVID world

No longer Lord? An article in Premier Christianity has argued for dropping words including Lord, merciful and rebuke from our translations

What is Peace?

Sabbath Rest (1) Do we need to keep Sunday special?

Sabbath Rest (2) Do pastors need their own sabbath?

Sabbath Rest (3) When Saturday comes: Is a two day weekend sinful?

Sabbath Rest (4) Work matters – what does the Bible have to say about work?

The role of Scripture in treating mental health conditions

Morality and the Christian account of God – a look at the question of suffering – is God immoral?

COVID-19 Update What is the present reality? Should Christians break unreasonable laws?

Singing ourselves to death? Really? A response to Lee Gattis’ argument in Evangelicals Now that we are singing too much in church

Am I a Biblical Man? What is true Biblical Manhood and Womanhood? Can we define them?

Breaking International Law? Returning to the dispute over Brexit and potential breaches to International Law. We look at the question of what International Law actually is? Does it exist in reality?

Breaking International Law? (2) The Internal Market Bill What led to the controversy about breaking International Law? Does the Government actually need to break law to get its way?

Preparing that delicious spiritual meal – the part we play in ensuring spiritually hungry people are fed

Mingling – The Rule of Six and challenges for the church

Climbing the career ladder

Ending community – the risk of the rule of six

How did we end up in this testing mess?

What are deacons (not)?

Who are deacons?

Please let us not repeat the same mistakes – can we avoid the errors from the start of COVID?

Fear and faith in Matthew 8

Law and Spirit – a COVID Parable

Peace (Matthew 8:23-33)

Authoritarian? Is the Government’s response to COVIDS driven by authoritarianism and the risk with throwing words like this around

Deacons Clue – another clue from Scripture about who deacons are

Facing Your fears – how do we face the things that terrify us in life?

Will a circuit break work? A look at another pandemic response tactic

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