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Resources for facing depression – I plan to keep this link at the top of the blog. It includes links to my own articles on facing depression. It also links to a number of helpful articles and books including suggestions from others.

July 2020

Awestruck – Lessons in Lockdown part 5 – learning to stand in awe of God the creator

Return to the building – some ideas for the future. Starting a brainstorming process for how we can continue to move forward post lockdown as a church

Reopening Bearwood Chapel Building – our plans for coming out of lockdown.

Church planting in a time of Coronavirus – here’s a suggestion for collaboration to use online outreach as the starting point for new church plants.

Could come to church … should come to church – our church buildings are reopening for those who are able to and would like to attend but at some point the emphasis will change to an expectation that people should attend if able. How do we pastorally walk through that without heavy shepherding?

Following the Science – but which science? A reminder that using the term “The Science” is unhelpful because there are a variety of scientific fields and not all scientists agree.

Body Ministry is best – lessons in lockdown Churches function best when every member is looking after each other.

Amazing Grace and the Spiritual dimension of depression Sam shares his testimony

Aimee Byrd and Biblical manhood (part 1) Aimee Byrd has written a book “Recovering from Biblical manhood and womanhood critiquing some aspects of the moment.

The Trinity Controversy (Aimee Byrd and Biblical manhood 2) – Engaging on a hot topic in Trinitarian Theology. Does The Son submit to The Father

Talking behind closed doors (Aimee Byrd and Biblical manhood 3) A look at the expose of Genevan Commons and the defences made.

Risk assessing the return to buildings – we can see the requirement for post COVID-19 lockdown risk assessments as bureaucratic inconvenience or as a spiritual responsibility and opportunity. Here’s some advice on approaching a church risk assessment.

Does the Son submit to the Father – further thoughts – continuing to sharpen our thinking on the EFS debate

#SummerIsHere – finding hope in the now and not yet of return out of lockdown.

Returning to the building – our story – our first Sunday open after lockdown began to be lifted

Evil Nazis, The Sky Fairy and the abortion/euthanasia debate – If you had to choose between the arguments of modern science and some bronze age beliefs, which would you choose. What if modern science and philosophy was used to argue that the most vulnerable should have their lives terminated?

What is the abortion amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill. An attempt was made to decriminalise abortion using the Domestic Abuse Bill on the 06/07/2020

Why I won’t be joining the Christian Concern case against the Government CCFoN are seeking a Judicial Review of the Government’s decision to lockdown churches. I don’t think this action is either needed or helpful

Being transparent about risk (1) Don’t allow scare headlines to paralyse you

Rishi’s Gamble An introduction to Biblenomics in the light of the emergency budget

Forgiveness, reconciliation and trust -it is possible to rebuild trust but we have to chose what we remember

Forgiveness, restoration and abuse – part 2 of a look at forgiveness. What happens when there has been abuse to trust?

Being Transparent about risk (2) COVID-19 is still with us. We must not be reckless or complacent as we return to church buildings

Don’t forget about asylum seekers The horrific case of a child put at risk of FGM by our immigration system is an important reminder not to forget about other big issues in the middle of the pandemic

Reforming Theological Education We need to change how we approach theological training if we are to equip people for ministry in hard places.

How theological college helped prepare me for gospel work – I think we need to reform pastoral training so it is more accessible but I think classic seminary courses still have their place

The anxious middle -who are the most anxious as we come out of lockdown?

Why I wrote to my MP about abortion and not other matters – Tim Farron thinks the church risks becoming a single issue campaign group. This is why I disagree

Stop worshipping at the foot of the magic money tree The problem with the debate about Government spending is not that the magic money tree doesn’t exist but that it does and we have been worshipping it too long.

Happy people (Matthew 5:1-12)

God’s happy people living under God’s rule -an introduction to the sermon on the mount

I don’t feel fed Have we placed too much expectation on the Sunday morning service to deliver all our teaching and feeding needs?

Happy people – The poor This week we are taking a detailed look at the beatitudes – first up “Blessed are the poor in spirit.”

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