The Promise (Advent 2020)

The Serpent Crusher

Confusing promises and the promise – Faithroots

Word – Faithroots

Where is the focus? – Faithroots

Unbelief and silence – Faithroots

Rumours, fear and scepticism – Faithroots

A promise has been kept – Faithroots

Blessing Bringer (Genesis 12:1-3) – Faithroots

Responding in faith – Faithroots

Finding favour with God – Faithroots

The Shepherd of God’s People (Micah 5:2) – Faithroots

A shepherd king for the whole world – Faithroots

Nobody puts the baby in a corner – Faithroots

Born to be king – Faithroots

Mary did you know? – Faithroots

He is stronger than the Darkness – Faithroots

A son out of Egypt Hosea 11:1 – Faithroots

Why Shepherds? – Faithroots

How silently the wondrous gift is given – Faithroots

Jesus, Saviour – Faithroots

Coming with the clouds – Faithroots

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