August 2020

Masks, Actors, Fathers and Sons (Matthew 6:1-24)

Don’t lose sleep over it. Private Schools and how we decide priorities

Losing sleep and the hill to die on – how do we choose which battles to fight?

We won’t beat COVID if we don’t understand the problem blanket lockdowns and knee jerk reactions are not the solution

Church too and a rape accusation what can we learn from the latest scandal to hit Westminister?

The process itself was the punishment – further thoughts on how we ensure justice when there are abuse accusations

Herd Immunity on avoiding conspiracy theories

Not the same why hierarchialism is not the same as compementarianism

Asking the unreasonable questions learning from COVID-19 will involve asking some awkward questions

The wrong priorities The government has actually met its objectives during coronavirus but did they set the right ones

#EatOutToHelpOut why I think it is wrong and how I think it might help a little

How do we handle #ChurchToo ? Caring for victims

#ChurchToo Pastoring the accused We also have a responsibility to those accused. What is it?

Inputs and outcomes -the danger of pastoral slavery to legalism

What a church can learn from a Public Health Director Thoughts based on an interview with Lisa McNally.

A message for those getting A Level Results

The A Level Results Scandal – how not to use algorithms

The A Level Results Scandal a political disaster

The A Level Results Scandal – a moral issue

The responsibility of Universities in the A Levels Results scandal

What if people don’t come back to church? According to Thom Rainer about 20% of attendees will never return after coronavirus.

Church is about more than a quick in and out visit Government guidance relating to Coronavirus assumes a model of church that does not give space for fellowship

Leadership is not about the committee you attend – we appoint elders and deacons not an eldership meeting and a diaconate

Why would asylum seekers want or need to come here? Responding to the argument that asylum seekers should claim asylum at the first country they arrive at

Racism is a sin of omission not just commission It’s not just about what we have said and done but what we have failed to say and do.

Last Night of the Proms and the Annual Patriotic Hymns controversy Should Christians sing patriotic songs like Land of Hope and Glory, Jerusalem and Rule Britannia?

My country right or wrong More thoughts on Last Night of The Proms, patriotism and #BlackLivesMatter

Suicide – who is responsible? A recent tweet by a pastor suggested that the person who took their life is solely culpable for their death. In this article, I challenge the misconceptions behind that.

Why is there a stigma about mental health? Tracing some of the causes of stigma among evangelical christians

Re-mapping the Gender Role debate – a cheeky suggestion that we are all complementarians now!!

How to spot legalism – feel like you’ve gone nine rounds with Mike Tyson? It could be that this is a sign of legalism

Can I be a faithful Christian without attending Church? 5 reasons why the answer is no

Was Billy Graham right? Is it just my job to love? Billy Graham once said “It is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, God’s job to judge and mine to love.” How helpful was that statement?

What should we look for in missions presentations? – A look at how Paul seeks support from the Roman church.

Why did God test Adam? – was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil an unfair trick?

The obedient Son – how Jesus recapitulates the Sonship of Adam and Israel

The Last Night of the Proms and missing the point What is the point in running audience participation events without participating audiences?

Recreating the Home Group and restoring the Prayer Meeting – have we squeezed prayer out of church life and what can we do about it?

Getting through the next six months some practicalities on how to face longer term pandemic controls

Forgiven (Matthew 9:1-13)

The danger with playing the media game some of us could have foreseen the fall out from the letter sent to the PM this week. Christians need to be wise about how they handle media attention

Authority and authoritarian Yes there is a difference!

Truth must not be a casualty

Why attempting to control COVID is not idolatrous

Why we might not need the vaccine fully rolled out to get back to normal

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