The Happy Life: Sermons and articles on Proverbs

Notes on teaching Proverbs

Are you wise? (Proverbs 1:1-19)

The benefits of wisdom (Proverbs 2-3)

Get wisdom (Proverbs 4)

Adultery and the forbidden woman (Proverbs 5)

Troublemaker (Proverbs 6)

Seduced (Proverbs 7)

Wisdom’s True Identity (Proverbs 8)

Wisdom’s offer (Proverbs 9)

Righteousness (Proverbs 10)

The Good of the City (Proverbs 11)

Discipline (Proverbs 12)

Truth (Proverbs 13)

Home (Proverbs 14)

Belching (Proverbs 15)

Health check (Proverbs 16)

Isolated (Proverbs 18)

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