Links to past articles

I trace the rainbow through the rain … article on living with depression

On listening to experts and having your say – Discussing coronavirus, how can people with different gifts and expertise contribute to a conversation?

There is more than one way to die: We are rightly being asked to “socially distance” to help reduce the risk of death from Coronavirus but we need to be aware of other dangers. This article traces what the Bible says about exile and isolation.

For Such a Time as This: How Queen Esther’s testimony of being ready to serve God in her time speaks to us today.

Worthy: A book review of Elyse Fitpatrick and Ed Schumacher’s brilliant book looking at the worth and identity of women. One for dad’s and daughters to read together

Body and Spirit: Does it really matter whether or not we gather physically to worship. If it does what are the implications for a period of isolation?

The Enigma Sermons: Introducing Ecclesiastes

Irony Continuing our look at “Enigma Sermons” Solomon at times appears to have an ironic, cynical even, outlook on life.

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