Abuse and Bullying in the Church

Abuse and Bullying in the Church: 2020 started with some seriously disturbing reports about high profile abuse cases but are we dealing with a few rotten apples or is there a culture we need to challenge with God’s Word?

The problem of co-dependency How unhealthy relationships can lead to abuse.

Does Plural Leadership Help – A look at what plural leadership is and is not. Does this help guard against abuse?

Abuse, Social Media and Small Talk How the things we say to and about people in person and online can create toxic culture

Abuse and the Church – Leaders and Members How do church leaders relate to members is a non-abusive way?

Abuse and the Church -we didn’t mean to be here: Sometimes an abusive culture grows not because of the wilful sin of one or two rotten apples but because of the carelessness of the church and its leaders.

Law and Legalism Grace and wisdom How do we teach and apply the Old Testament Law within a culture of grace?

A Good Time to bury bad news Why we must not use Coronavirus as a convenient excuse to move the news cycle on from the recent abuse scandals.

Bullying a personal story As a child I experienced bullying so I am concerned to hear stories of serious bullying in the church.

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