May 2021

The pastor’s thorn – Faithroots

COVID-19: What we need to know about a possible third wave – Faithroots

Anxiety – Faithroots

The Valley of Vision – The Divine Will – Faithroots

Sheep stealing, transfer growth and the end of the pandemic – Faithroots

The Doctrine of The Fall – Faithroots

Why is Sheep Stealing such a bad thing? – Faithroots

Line of Duty – knowing how to finish a story – Faithroots

It’s not a left-wing thing to be against racism and antisemitism – Faithroots

Love to the loveless shown – Faithroots

How we respond to concerns about abusive and bullying culture matters for the culture – Faithroots

Redemption – Faithroots

Keep the Faith – Faithroots

Church Discipline and Church abuse – Faithroots

Charged – God’s verdict on us and our churches – Faithroots

That Hideous Strength (book review) – Faithroots

Failed – Faithroots

The Pastor with a thorn in his side -watch the launch event – Faithroots

Keeping faith in the promise (Romans 4:13-25) – Faithroots

Christian Patriarchy may be following the wrong trajectory – Faithroots

Facing Depression – Faithroots

After COVID – let’s not forget about evangelism – Faithroots

Reflections on elections – Faithroots

After the pandemic -don’t forget about the body of Christ – Faithroots

Repentance and Return – Faithroots

What lessons will the UK learn from the COVID-19 pandemic? – Faithroots

Complying with COVID measures did not imply a lack of faith – Faithroots

A woman’s work – Faithroots

Beyond Hope? – Faithroots

Complementarianism and Singleness -what does the Bible say? – Faithroots

The crucial point about the Chaplain’s sermon on gender and sexuality – Faithroots

Harvesting the whirlwind – Faithroots

Complementarianism and Singleness – in practice – Faithroots

How should we respond to local/regional COVID-19 hotspots? – Faithroots

The Penalty – Faithroots

How should we respond when Israel is in the news? – Faithroots

Applying Creation – Faithroots

Where did it go wrong? – Faithroots

Facing Depression – Suicidal thoughts – Faithroots

Creation, Mission and worship – Faithroots

Facing Depression – you are not alone – Faithroots

Creation, evangelism and apologetics – Faithroots

Creation and work – Faithroots

We become like our idols – Faithroots

If you don’t want to be a racist then don’t intimidate and cajole British Jews over what is happening in Israel – Faithroots

Prayer Update – Faithroots

Creation and the environment – Faithroots

Out of Egypt I have called my son – Faithroots

How did we get here? – Faithroots

Wrestling with God – Faithroots

The Truth about Hamas – Faithroots

Kindness – the undervalued evidence of knowing God – Faithroots

True or false confidence? – Faithroots

When you pray

What lessons should Christians be learning from the pandemic?

Depression, spiritual warfare and calling the elders to pray

Who can I trust?

Depression spiritual warfare and prayer

We need to do better at theological conversation

This is how much God loves us

Eurovision – hate and indifference

When are we justified and does it matter?

Leaky pipes are best replaced

Returning to church and looking after each other

No, Paul wasn’t infiltrating Christianity to destroy it

No time wasters please

Mental health and environment


A herd of red herrings

Another red herring – the timing of lockdowns

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