February 2021

Whatever happened to the local church? A response to John Benton – Faithroots

The Fragile Task Ahead – Faithroots

Censorship, criticism and editing – Faithroots

Do you need Biblical Counselling? – Faithroots

Searching Out: The City – Faithroots

When the pagans call us to prayer – Faithroots

Truth and Reason go together – Faithroots

Trusting God with our Tears (1) Happiness when unhappy – Faithroots

Bullies in the workplace – Faithroots

Hard Pressed (Psalm 3) – Faithroots

Hard Pressed (Psalm 3) – Faithroots

Family or politics? – Faithroots

Zoom or in person? – another faulty question – Faithroots

Fruit from the harvest … fruit for the harvest – Faithroots

Unlearning being a pastor – Faithroots

The happy person (Psalm 1) – Faithroots

Searching Out: Establishing Points of Contact – Faithroots

Wrestling with my thoughts -Book Review – Faithroots

Strength made perfect in weakness – Faithroots

Showing Up: Alternative Hope – Faithroots

We need to talk about death – Faithroots

Kiss The Son (Psalm 2) – Faithroots

The challenge is not the state of the harvest, it is the need for workers – Faithroots

Fearless – Faithroots

Grace and Peace (Romans 1: 1-7) – Faithroots

Is a 10 year jail term proportionate for lying about quarantine? – Faithroots

The Beginning of the Story (Genesis 1:1-2:3) – Faithroots

Anchors Up! – Faithroots

When the situation is complex, keep the Comms simple – Faithroots

If RZIM is truly repentant then they need to disband – Faithroots

Has COVID exposed our problem with legalism? – Faithroots

Come with me – simple discipleship – Faithroots

Idolatry and Abuse – Faithroots

Gifting, discernment and abuse – Faithroots

Did we grow to love the fringe too much? – Faithroots

What (if anything) have we learnt about God’s Sovereignty during lockdown? – Faithroots

The “both – and” of mission – Faithroots

Building back better -discipleship after lockdown – Faithroots

“Family and friends” are not your accountability. – Faithroots

We need a way out of costly social distancing measures, not just lockdown (open letter to Boris Johnson) – Faithroots

Women teaching men revisited – another look at 2 Timothy 2:12 – Faithroots

COVID’s long tail and the church – Faithroots

Long COVID and long lockdown – Faithroots

COVID and Cold Contact Evangelism – Faithroots

Served by the Gospel… Serving the Gospel Romans 1:8-15 – Faithroots

When your pastor gets depressed -what might have caused it? – Faithroots

When your pastor gets depressed -what might have caused it? – Faithroots

When your pastor gets depressed (part 2) -a look at some potential risk factors – Faithroots

When your pastor gets depressed (3) Is it sin? – Faithroots

The Garden (Genesis 2:4-25) – Faithroots

Showing Up – Turning From Idols – Faithroots

Confronting abuse in the church – reforming towards a culture of grace – Faithroots

I didn’t expect to need to know that – Faithroots

So why run clubs and toddlers’ groups? – Faithroots

What would it help to know? – Faithroots

One thing I ask (Psalm 27) – Faithroots

Is it too early to come out of lockdown? – Faithroots

One step forward? Let’s hope it’s not two back – Faithroots

Relax, refresh, restart – Faithroots

Abuse and the fault in our theology – Faithroots

Beasts, Dragons and a COVID vaccine passport – Faithroots

The connection between faulty views of worship and abusive cultures – Faithroots

Revealed … suppressed (Romans 1:16-32) – Faithroots

What does the Bible tell us about corporate worship? – Faithroots

Apologetics in its place and the need for Gospel reform of our culture – Faithroots

Why the COVID Vaccine or a possible vaccine passport probably are not the mark of the beast – Faithroots

Showing Off: Proclamation in context – Faithroots

Goodbye Mr Potato Head – Faithroots

Why I’m in favour of COVID Passports (with one essential provision) – Faithroots

The Challenge (Genesis 3) – Faithroots

Can systematic theology cross cultures? – Faithroots

Money Talks – Faithroots

#SummerReallyIsComing – Faithroots

Another approach to financial support for urban mission – Faithroots

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