January 2021

Lord for the years – Faithroots

After Brexit: This is the beginning of the debate not the end – Faithroots

Faithroots Urban Mission and Urban Training – Faithroots

Developing Robust Safeguarding policies – Faithroots

The urban mission field is not a playground – Faithroots

Do we worship freedom? – Faithroots

COVID-19 depression and suicide – Faithroots

Fallow Ground – Faithroots

To stop a crisis like the pandemic you need to identify root causes – Faithroots

The Rule of Ten – Faithroots

Lockdown 3 Five questions for the Government that politicians and the media are not asking – Faithroots

To open or not to open – Faithroots

Knowledge is power, France is Bacon – Faithroots

Cancelling exams will not level up – Faithroots

Was Jesus a refugee? – Faithroots

Zoom communion revisited – Faithroots

The Rule of Law – Faithroots

Is it always wrong to run? – Faithroots

Reflections on Grief – Faithroots

I could be in Boris Johnson or Keir’s shoes right now – I’m glad I’m not! – Faithroots

A walk in the park and a lockdown controversy – Faithroots

Be careful who you give platforms to – Faithroots

Surviving January – Faithroots

Lockdowns, Strict Liability and the rule of law – Faithroots

How God shows up in Jesus – Faithroots

If you love Christ then don’t trash talk his bride. – Faithroots

Is there such a thing as Biblical Manhood? – Faithroots

Can we make it more Biblical? – Faithroots

An assault on God’s Word and its consequences – Faithroots

Joining a new church in lockdown – Faithroots

Gospel Maths should = multiplication – Faithroots

Honey From the Rock – Faithroots

Why do Christians seem to get drawn into conspiracy theories? – Faithroots

The difference between critical comment and conspiracy theory – Faithroots

Gospel Maths (2) Barriers to multiplication – Faithroots

Pandemic or Tsunami proofing Gospel multiplication – Faithroots

How do you stop a pandemic? – Faithroots

Slow Down – Faithroots

What your Bible translation does – Faithroots

Testing a calling – how decisions are made – Faithroots

Testing a calling – how decisions are made – Faithroots

Fear or hope – how to spot a conspiracy theory – Faithroots

Going Deeper – Faithroots

God’s Man in the Whitehouse? – Faithroots

Blessing and curse enacted (Deuteronomy 32:48- 34:12) – Faithroots

Why I believe that NDAs have no place in church relationships – Faithroots

You say it best when you say nothing at all – Faithroots

Coronavirus and what the data is telling us – Faithroots

The biggest lie of all – Faithroots

Covid and euthanasia of the elderly – Faithroots

Paul and the mysterious Jesus quote – Faithroots

Be careful little lips what you say -the heresy bar – Faithroots

If you are going to troll Christians at least get some basics right! – Faithroots

Is “open or closed communion?” the right question? – Faithroots

The problem with porous boundaries – Faithroots

Breaking it down and finding the flow – Faithroots

Sub Tweeting the Church – Faithroots

Truth and lies about Creation – Faithroots

Towards a theology of depression – Faithroots

Are ethnic minorities to blame for COVID-19? (Panel discussion) – Faithroots

How should we interpret Genesis 1 -3? – Faithroots

Hope For The City Urban Subversive Fulfilment – Faithroots

Stepping In: The Need – Faithroots

Joy comes with the morning – Faithroots

Stepping In: Going Cross Cultural – Faithroots

Stepping In: An Introduction to Idolatry – Faithroots

It’s not always persecution – Faithroots

Why it is important that we treasure the truth – Faithroots

Searching Out: Getting to know the context and culture – Faithroots

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