December 2020

ActBC Urban Church Planting Update – Faithroots

Learning to See – Navigating the scientific experiments and studies during COVID-19 – Faithroots Guest post from surgeon, Mark Surg

If you are going to revitalise you need to be good pastors to the existing congregation – Faithroots

Land Ahead (Deuteronomy 29) – Faithroots

The vaccine and abortion – Faithroots Vaccines including the ones for COVID-19 sometimes make use of aborted foetus tissue. Should you still take the vaccine?

Urban mission is both urgent and longterm – Faithroots

The vaccine and abortion (2) How do we make ethical decisions? – Faithroots

Racism and the Gaslighting of a people – Faithroots Some people are suggesting that the #BlackLivesMatter protests increased racial tension

Racism, social justice, crime, sin and idolatry – Faithroots

The vaccine and abortion (3) Doing ethics from three perspectives – Faithroots This is the third in our mini series looking at ethical considerations and the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Politician sacked … for being competent at her job! – Faithroots Why was the Shadow minister for faith forced to resign?

Choose Life (Deuteronomy 30) – Faithroots

It’s great that the Government are asking questions about faith and religion -but are they asking the right ones? – Faithroots

Our vulnerable Heroes – Faithroots

Pastors get depression too – Faithroots Results of a little survey I did on twitter

If someone says they have depression, please take them seriously – Faithroots A celebrity pastor is checking himself in for depression. However, just because he is using it as an excuse does not make depression any less real

The year we were given – Faithroots We may not have been given the year we wanted but we can still see God’s goodness in it

Handover (Deuteronomy 31) – Faithroots

We are literally broken by our hyperbole – Faithroots

Winding back the hyperbole – Faithroots

“Who are these people?” … “These are our neighbours” – Faithroots (reflections of life in Bearwood 1)

In defence of the government’s Christmas COVID measures – Faithroots

“I think I’ve just shipwrecked the Church” – Faithroots Bearwood reflections 2

Pantomime Farce – Faithroots The Government U Turn on Christmas measures

Christmas is not cancelled – Faithroots Despite Christmas restrictions there is much still to celebrate

Between scaremongering and complacency – Faithroots A new mutation of the COVID-19 coronavirus has emerged and whilst some are hitting panic buttons, others are crying “conspiracy theory”

“God has been so good to us” – Faithroots Bearwood reflections 3

Fixing Brexit – Faithroots

Is there a Biblical argument against immigration? – Faithroots

Freedom of Movement? – Faithroots

Freedom of Movement or engineered movement? – Faithroots

A suppressed virus will always return – Faithroots – or why suppressing sin with legalism is never enough

Isolation is a form of death – Faithroots There is more than one way to die. Isolation is associated with Biblical imagery for death.

The Accidental Planter (part 1) – Faithroots more reflections on pastoral life in Bearwood

The Accidental Church Planter (Part 2): The unexpected plant – Faithroots The story behind Nueva Vida

In defence of safeguarding – Faithroots responding to a John Benton article in Evangelicals Now critical of church safeguarding policies and independent bodies

Learning from Steve Timmis and the Crowded House (The 31:8 Report) – Faithroots

Why I started preaching longer sermons again – Faithroots at the beginning of COVID-19 like many others I shortened my preaching time to provide for shorter attention spans. I’ve built the length up again now. Here is why

Prioritising the non-vulnerable may help protect the vulnerable – Faithroots some counter-intuitive thinking on who should be first in line for the vaccines

True Hope – Happy New Year from Parky and friends – Faithroots

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