November 2020

#BeliefWeCanChangeIn -when politics becomes about empty slogans

lockdown scepticism v COVID scepticism – it is possible to be sceptical of measures against COVID whilst taking the virus seriously

Focus on the desired outcome

What does not change – confidence through the upheaval of election results

The problem with Christian exceptionalism

Welcoming refugees -the extra mile

Lockdowns and Christian witness

Shall we gather? The case for physical gathering may in fact prove the opposite


Learning to see -lessons from a trip to eye casualty

First impressions – learning to see 2

Bounced – was Boris Johnson pushed to early into a lockdown decision?

The spot in my eye

Beware of using experiments to support your argument – misunderstanding of the scope, purpose and data in studies may mislead

Fed to the wolves -does Jesus take risks with us when he sends us out?

Swallows and vaccines #SummerIsStillComing

Learning to see the full picture -we never were going to see the army on the streets

Learning to see that important detail – don’t miss the wood for the trees

Is it ever okay to run away?

Balance is often the enemy of truth

New Horizons – after ten years we are leaving Bearwood Chapel

The Curse – Deuteronomy 27

Redundant – what it is like for a pastor to lose their job

When you have to make someone redundant – advice on looking after employees through a difficult period

The one real reason for church planting – all sorts of reasons are usually given for why church planting is a good thing. Although all true and good, there is in fact only one compelling reason to plant

What do you see? (Matthew 11:1-19)

Jay Adams Obituary

Is it ever a good thing to lay people off? Following up on my posts about redundancy. Here I respond to a question a friend asked about whether laying people off can ever be a positive experience.

Hymn Wars -what our contemporary worship lacks

And Breathe – you don’t need to sing the Psalms

How might the Psalms help us in our walk and worship?

Panel of nans – There is an essential role for older godly women in the church

Facemasks – asking the wrong questions. A study in Denmark had failed to find definitive prove for the benefit of facemask but don’t stop wearing them yet

Invisible racism is still racism

Contraception, homosexuality and Christian ethics. The church has changed its mind on birth control why not on LGBTQ rights?

Babylon 2020 – how history failed to end

Priti Patel and bullying accusations

Opening Churches against lockdown rules more churches have been in the news for breaking COVID-19 lockdown guidance

Anglican Evangelicals, The C of E and church unity – stepping cautiously into the debate about the future of Anglicanism

When should we consider civil disobedience? Christians may one day find that they are pushed to choose between obeying God and obeying the Law. In such situations we should always put obedience to God first. But how will we know when such a day has arrived? Is the pandemic lockdown such an example?

Guest Post – In Defence of Denominations Moses T. Tutesigensi writes in response to my article on Anglicans and Evangelical unity.

Navigating the Denominations and Evangelical unity – here I engage with Moses’ guest post

Is unity possible across church traditions? Can evangelical Anglicans and Independents, Baptists and paedo-baptists, Congregationalists and Presbyterians partner together?

Can we choose to disregard unreasonable laws? A further look at the question of civil disobedience. Some Christians are arguing that it isn’t just when a law is sinful that we should disobey it

Unrepentant – a look at Matthew 11:20-24

Resisting Tyranny – two case studies – a look at what we can learn from Daniel and from the Civil Rights Movement in the US about when to resist unjust laws

Why commitment to a local church matters

Being the local church in lockdown

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