Where are the goals going to come from?

Bradford City’s season can be summed up in one name “Andy Cook.”  Over this season, he scored an impressive haul of 31 Goals, 28 in the league. This means he was scoring a goal every 121 minutes. His nearest rival, Sam Hoskins at Northampton Town was scoring every 163 minutes.  Cook was the stand out… Continue reading Where are the goals going to come from?

Distorted Gospels

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There are a number of ways that the Gospel can be distorted but we might divide them into three rough categories.  First, there are distorted Gospels that completely miss the point of what the Good News is by offering a solution to the wrong problem, they fail to treat the problem of sin. Secondly, there… Continue reading Distorted Gospels

Do I really think it’s okay to underpay people and undervalue them?

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Well, my article about pay and what we can afford got some kick back! So I thought it was worth just responding to a couple of charges against the article  and what some people took it to suggest (I hope they weren’t directed at me personally). The first pushback was that I was doubling down… Continue reading Do I really think it’s okay to underpay people and undervalue them?

How consistent are modern views of a spiritual resurrection of Jesus with the evidence of the gospels?

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One of the major fault lines within Christian Theology in recent times has been over the statement “I believe in the resurrection.”? What does it mean to claim this?[1] Many Christians would insist that this means that Jesus rose physically from the dead.? However, a number of theologians have argued that…

A virgin birth and “a conjuring trick with bones”?

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A Christmas and Easter tradition on social media seems to be to refer back to the infamous Bishop of Durham, Rev Dr David Jenkins who in the 1980s allegedly denied the virgin birth and the resurrection of Jesus.? I say allegedly because I note that there have been significant attempts to…

Is “My Song is Love Unknown” antisemitic?

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I’ve written a few times about the growing resurgence in antisemitism. I talk in terms of resurgence because this is a historic problem and whilst we think primarily of Nazi Germany, neither Britain nor the church has a good record here. Testimony to our failure include the writings of Martin Luther…

Why getting our theology around sex and marriage is important but difficult

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A few weeks back, controversy erupted around The Gospel Coalition publishing an extract from Josh Butler’s up and coming book, Beautiful Union.  Recently, Preston Sprinkle hosted Josh along with Sandy Richter, an OT scholar and Brenna Blain, an advocate for abuse victims on his podcast to discuss the book and the controversy.  You can watch… Continue reading Why getting our theology around sex and marriage is important but difficult