Why I’m in favour of COVID Passports (with one essential provision)

The big debate over the past few days has been as to whether or not the Government should allow COVID-19 vaccine passports. In other words, should people be required to supply proof that they have received a vaccine before participating in certain activities. There have been three arguments made against this. The first is aContinue reading “Why I’m in favour of COVID Passports (with one essential provision)”

What (if anything) have we learnt about God’s Sovereignty during lockdown?

One of the charges laid against those who are seen as most enthusiastic about lockdowns and vaccines is that they have forgotten about God’s Sovereignty over life and death and so are doing everything they  can to cheat death.  Furthermore, the argument is that belief we can control the virus is “hubris.” I’ve argued inContinue reading “What (if anything) have we learnt about God’s Sovereignty during lockdown?”

Trusting God with our Tears (1) Happiness when unhappy

“We Can Trust God with our Tears” This was the application that Pete Scamman (Christ Church Fulwood, Sheffield) gave to a talk on Psalm 126 on Sunday 31st January 2020.[1] For anyone who has been through extreme suffering, physical or emotional, anyone who has found themselves in the depths of depression and despair, for anyoneContinue reading “Trusting God with our Tears (1) Happiness when unhappy”

Censorship, criticism and editing

Well, that’s twice in a row now! On two separate occasions I’ve been accused of trying to get someone censored.  The first was when I challenged David Robertson’s  Premier Christianity article about Donald Trump’s twitter account being suspended. The second follows my suggestions for a bit of editing to an article by John Benton forContinue reading “Censorship, criticism and editing”

Are ethnic minorities to blame for COVID-19? (Panel discussion)

Yesterday, I took part in a panel discussion with Jose Galindes, pastor of Nueva Vida Con Cristo, the Spanish speaking church we helped plant a few years back. The starting question was “Are BAME communities to blame for the spread of COVID-19) in the UK? Jose also invited along some local councillors in Sandwell andContinue reading “Are ethnic minorities to blame for COVID-19? (Panel discussion)”

Gospel Maths should = multiplication

In Genesis 1, humans receive a commission, a mandate to multiply and to fill the earth. In Matthew 28, this is mirrored by the Great commission, a mandate to make disciples or in other words to spiritually multiply.  It is worth noting that in Matthew 9 the problem identified is not that the harvest isContinue reading “Gospel Maths should = multiplication”

I could be in Boris Johnson or Keir’s shoes right now – I’m glad I’m not!

It’s 1995 and I’m in a room with half a dozen other people. We all have one thing in common. One day we would like to be Prime Minister and with the arrogance of youth we each believer that we uniquely have the ability to make that dream come true. Move forward to 2021 andContinue reading “I could be in Boris Johnson or Keir’s shoes right now – I’m glad I’m not!”