What if church discipline becomes abusive?

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I recently wrote about how church discipline should function in the light of the recent Stephen Sizer case.  This did prompt one question about what to do with the church discipline process is itself abused. The example was given of a pastor who persistently contacted another church to presurrise them into keeping a former church… Continue reading What if church discipline becomes abusive?

Do we owe sympathy and gratitude?

This is a follow on to my article the other day about how we respond when leaders fall and fail. My article then was specifically focused on our response to Liz Truss’s fall from power. That’s the starting point today and so I want first to share a tweet from the Archbishop of Canterbury that… Continue reading Do we owe sympathy and gratitude?

Trickle Down Gospel?

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Government economic policy in the UK has led to renewed discussion of the term “Trickle Down Economics”.  The term comes from the belief supposedly held by some that if we simply permit the wealthy to get wealthier then that wealth will eventually “trickle down” to the less well off. I say “supposedly” because I’m not… Continue reading Trickle Down Gospel?

Putin’s terror tactics

There’s been much talk, these past few weeks about Vladimir Putin being ready to escalate the war in Ukraine by use of chemical or even nuclear weapons. It is important to remember a couple of things here when discussing potential nuclear assault. In terms of response, I believe that NATO powers will prefer preventive to… Continue reading Putin’s terror tactics

Jesus on divorce … is he harsher than the OT Law? (Mark 10:1-10)

“The Old Testament God is all about Laws and rules. He’s harsh.  The New Testament God is loving and kind, he is easier to follow because of grace.” How often have you heard something like that said?  Does Mark 10:1-10 support or go against that assumption?  Jesus is confronted by some of the Pharisees and… Continue reading Jesus on divorce … is he harsher than the OT Law? (Mark 10:1-10)

What did you come out to see?

This is an expansion of some quick thoughts I shared on Facebook last night in response to some of the criticisms I’ve seen of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s sermon. I write both as someone who has given my fair share of feedback and criticism over the years, and as someone who has received plenty of… Continue reading What did you come out to see?

Come over and help us: Train with us

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Here’s an opportunity to partner with us in urban church planting and to receive back yourself.  Along with a few other people, I’ve been arguing for some time that we need to revisit how we train and equip people for pastoral ministry.  Whilst traditional theological seminaries still have their place, I believe that many Christian… Continue reading Come over and help us: Train with us

Are you ready to have the tough conversations?

If you are a pastor or elder in the church, then your responsibility is to provide and protect.  We see this in Acts 20:28-31 28 “So guard yourselves and God’s people. Feed and shepherd God’s flock—his church, purchased with his own blood[h]—over which the Holy Spirit has appointed you as leaders.[i] 29 I know that false teachers, like… Continue reading Are you ready to have the tough conversations?