Showing Off: Proclamation in context

Well, we have finally arrived at the summit of our discussion. This is where we want to be. We’ve stepped in, searched out, showed up and now it is time to show off. The point is not that we now show off our learning or our righteousness. Rather, we get to show off Christ inContinue reading “Showing Off: Proclamation in context”

Showing Up: Alternative Hope

In this chapter, we start to think more about idolatry and the alternative (false) hopes that people living in urban neighbourhoods are offered.  Showing up, is the stage where we start to think about why idolatry offers false hope by showing up its failings and flaws. Idolatry offers false hope because whilst for a timeContinue reading “Showing Up: Alternative Hope”

Searching Out: Identity

In this chapter we will start to focus on the people who live in Urban Britain and  on their cultures and communities. We will be thinking about what  it mean to live in the city. We will start by picking up on general experience of urban life and then will focus on particular aspects ofContinue reading “Searching Out: Identity”