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He is going ahead of you

When the women are looking for Jesus at the empty tomb, the angels reassure them that Jesus is not in the tomb, not because the body has been stolen but because Christ is risen and he has gone ahead of them.  In that immediate context, it meant that Jesus had gone ahead back to Galilee… Continue reading He is going ahead of you

Racial Segregation has no place whatsoever in Christ’s Church

One of the most sickening and illuminating sections in Stephen Wolfe’s apology for nationalism was not so much what he said about the nation state but this quote on the church. Indeed, civil fellowship is what makes strong church fellowship possible, because people do not lose their particularity when they pass through the doors of… Continue reading Racial Segregation has no place whatsoever in Christ’s Church

He is not here

It’s funny isn’t it, the things we say when someone dies.  We say that our loved one “didn’t make it.” But friends, they did make it, they got to exactly the place where they were meant to be and the place we are hoping to reach one day.  We talk about “losing a loved one.”… Continue reading He is not here

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