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Credible sources and Christian culture

If you read a newspaper story, especially in this day and age of investigate journalism and the pressure to be the first to break a story, you will frequently read about credible or reliable sources. It’s also about protecting anonymity.  Increasingly, I’m hearing and reading such language in Christian circles, especially when it comes to…

A raw conversation about sex and theology

As the fall out continues from Josh Butler’s book, Beautiful Union, and that car crash TGC article, we are, I think beginning to see some helpful reflection and interaction. Issues around marriage, sex and intimacy are I think of importance to those of us who care about pastoring well and so whilst some of us…

Church Growth or a battle for market share?

Over the years I’ve come across a lot of material, books, seminars, blogs, podcasts talking about how to guarantee that your church will grow.  Some of the advise sounds to me like practical wisdom, for example if you have a building that is 80% full then you have reached capacity.  Some of it is good…

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God’s Word is sufficient for pastoral care

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God’s Word is sufficient for pastoral care

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