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Why the purpose of preaching matters

I’ve written recently about listening to sermons and taking notes.  My main reason for being against note taking is that it shapes and is shaped by our view of the purpose of preaching.  Note taking is more associated with treating the sermon as primarily intellectual, educating, sharing information, applied to the mind.  We are also…

Credentials (Galatians 1:11-24)

Here’s a sample “Dig Deeper” style Bible study on part of Galatians 1. Our church used it for our Life Group yesterday. Watch out for an article talking us through this passage tomorrow. For Starters What do you do  if someone makes a claim about something big to you (this could be good news or…

Transfer window?

As I write, the football season has just finished and it’s now the transfer period. Lot’s of football players will be on the look out for a better offer.   Some will be willing to abandon a club that they’ve played for over many seasons, that has looked after them well and where they’ve enjoyed the…

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