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When the answer to prayer is not what you expected or hoped for

I was taught as a child that God answers prayer in 3 ways “Yes” , “No” and “Wait” . Well although helpful, that’s a rather one dimensional view. Prayer is a conversation and sometimes the response is not what I expected or even what I would have hoped for.

Race, class and geography (more thoughts on that report)

Just before Easter, the Commission on Race, equality and disparity reported.  The report has proved controversial with people focusing particularly on associated headlines questioning the existence of institutional racism and suggesting that the UK was in fact a positive example of improvements in race relations.  I chose to hold off from making an immediate responseContinue reading “Race, class and geography (more thoughts on that report)”

Introducing Faithroots

The primary purpose of Faithroots is to encourage gospel work into areas that may not immediately grab the headlines or be considered fashionable. I have a particular concern to encourage urban church planting and revitalisation but recognise that there are others areas with significant need including the huge need for gospel work in our rural villages.

Faithroots supports gospel work by providing teaching and training resources as well as practical commentary on current affairs affecting church life. One of my aims is to make resources available to people who may not be easily able to access them through traditional means such as theological education.

As well as The Blog, you can also download video talks and pdf e-books on a variety of subjects.

If you would like to find out more about how you can be involved, check out the church planting pages or get in touch via the contact page.

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