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Going Home 4

This is the fourth in a series of 5 short videos reflecting on John 14. In todays video we look at Jesus’ promise that he will come for us. This means that the timing of our home calling to be with the Lord is in his hands. It means that we don’t need to fearContinue reading “Going Home 4”

The Goldilocks Zone

Let me take you back to early 2017.  I had just finished reading “Your Will be done” by my old college principal Mike Ovey. I mentioned to my wife that I should drop him an email to say I’d enjoyed reading it and that he should write more books. I never got to send thatContinue reading “The Goldilocks Zone”

The bread that divides?

A crisis situation like the one we are in at the moment can throw up the occasional bouncer, a theological issue that affects how we do church that we weren’t ready for. These issues can be controversial.  So we want to approach them carefully and with charity. We also need to be ready that inContinue reading “The bread that divides?”

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