Pioneer Planting

Many church plants begin because a church grows large enough to set aside 30-40 of its members to start a new church. This may also reflect that those people have moved further out from where the church meets and settled in a particular community.

Whilst this is a fantastic way to plant churches, if we rely solely on the approach then we’ll find that planting takes too long to reach our cities. We’ll also find that many communities will remain unreached because it is unlikely that Christians will move from a church in numbers into such communities.  Even if they were to do this, then they are likely to be treated with suspicion. Urban Church Planting needs to be swifter, smaller, simpler.” (This phrase was first used by Jon Bell of Church Central and the Birmingham Collective).

So, the aim of Faithroots Urban Planting is to encourage people to settle in communities in ones and twos. From there, they can begin to get to know their neighbours, open up their homes to them and share the Gospel. 

Could you do this?  If you were to join us as a pioneer planter, then you would:

  1. Be linked to an existing local church for fellowship and support.
  2. Be given access to training in theology, pastoral care and leadership.
  3. Receive one to one coaching and mentoring.
  4. Meet regularly with other urban planters and disciple makers for prayer, fellowship and encouragement.

If this could be you:

  1. Discuss and pray with your family and with your church leaders/pastor/elders.
  2. Get in touch via the contact form below.

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