A Pastor’s Systematic Theology

How do you know? Is it really possible to know truth about God, Creation, Humanity and New Creation? How do we know it with certainty?

How do you know? Study Guide

Who is God? What are the lies we are tempted to believe about God. What can we truly know about him? How does what we know about God affect how we live?

How did we get here? Did we just evolve by chance or is there a greater story of our origins?

Ethical Issues

Wesley and the Slave Trade We know a lot about other abolitionists but did you know that John Wesley published a pamphlet arguing against slavery. This is important because there has been much discussion about what we can learn from the abolitionists about how Evangelicals should tackle contemporary ethical issues

Marriage at work – a look at how we understand Ephesians 5ff and apply it to contemporary marriage contexts.

Divorce and Re-marriage – does the Bible permit divorce and if so on what grounds?

Male and Female Leadership this began as a discussion paper to help a church leadership team come to agreement on the way forward re complementarianism and egalitarianism

Church & Mission

Hope for the city: Urban Subversive Fulfilment – a look at how we reach our cities, especially inner city, estate and multi-ethnic contexts with the Gospel. We seek a bit of help from Dutch Missiologist JH Bavinck.

Planting Safer Churches – a series of studies and discussion guides for church planting, and leadership teams. There is also a series of YouTube videos to accompany this.

The Leadership Course – a training course for church leadership teams and potential future leaders

Biblical Studies

Return of the King – an overview and teaching guide on the book of Revelation

Remember – an overview and teaching guide for Deuteronomy with particular focus on the first 11 chapters.

Tales of the Kingdom an overview and teaching guide on Mark’s Gospel


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