Currently I am in effect self-employed which means that Faithroots is my main work.  My aim  is to encourage and support urban gospel mission and ministry. I am doing this by:

  • Providing e-book resources from our publications page
  • Writing daily articles for the blog to help people think through how to apply what they believe affects how they live
  • Offering short videos via You Tube tackling contemporize issues and offering devotional thought.
  • Running Faithroots Live on Wednesdays via Facebook. The aim there is to provide seminars and workshops to equip people for urban ministry, particularly those who may not be able to access traditional seminary education.
  • Being available for phone and video calls for consultation, coaching and mentoring (I hope to be able to have in person conversations whenever lockdown finishes)
  • Publicising and helping to recruit workers and partners for specific planting and re-vitalisation projects.

Whilst this may not be traditional pastoral ministry, I hope that it proves useful for the Kingdom even if just for a short period of time. If you would like to support this work, then please feel free to donate via one of the methods below. Most of all, please continue to pray for us. You can also get in touch via the contact page to talk about other ways of partnering with us.

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