Church in a box

Faithroots Urban Planting is about helping to get churches started so that people can gather around God’s Word wherever and whenever they are able to.  One way we are facilitating that is to provide a “Church in a Box” option.

Church in a Box means that if you live somewhere and it isn’t possible to join an existing local church that you can start to gather for prayer, praise and to look at God’s Word where you are as well as beginning to share your faith with friends and neighbours. We will provide you with resources to help you do this.

Here’s how it works.

Meet and Eat. From the earliest times, church has been about those who want to follow Jesus gathering in homes, gardens and public spaces to share a meal together.  Why not arrange share breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Praise:  One of the reasons that Christians gather is to worship God together.  Worship is about what seeking to honour God in everything we do but there is also something special about expressing our delight and trust in God in words and songs in the presence of others. Singing has long been a part of Christian worship through the ages.  Why not listen to some songs together and join in as you pick up the words. There are many songs available to listen to on YouTube.  We’ve provided a few playlists here

               Contemporary songs

               Traditional Hymns

               Songs focusing on the death of Jesus

               Songs focusing on the resurrection of Jesus

Pray:  This is simply about talking to God as Father and friend.  We believe that he hears our prayers and answers them. It’s great to have as many in the gathering as possible saying short simple prayers.  We’ve provided some teaching resources on about why we pray and how to pray.  You might want to work through one of these series.

How to Pray

Daily Prayer

Listen to God: Primarily this is about reading the Bible.  If you don’t have your own hard copy Bible, you can access online versions at Bible Gateway.  We recommend that you try either The New Living Translation or The Christian Standard Bible.  To help one another understand and apply God’s Word to our lives, most churches include some form of teaching here.  This may include

A Talk:  To get you started, we’ve got a lot of talks available to listen to or to watch

You might want to start with our series on John’s Gospel.

You may also want to use this time to work through the series of video talks on specific topics such as prayer and the Holy Spirit.

Alternatively, this might be an good opportunity to go through First Look together as you introduce other friends and family to Jesus.

Study and Discussion: We often learn best by talking things through together.   Why not provide space during your time together to ask each other the following questions about the Bible passage you are looking at.

  1. What does the Bible passage say?  What are the main things that happen or the main points that are made?
  2. How does the Bible passage help us to know what God is like?
  3. Does the Bible passage have anything to say that challenges us?
  4. Does it offer encouragement and comfort?
  5. What one thing will I do differently as a result of what this Bible passage says?

Spiritual Gifts: We believe that God uses prophecy, visions, dreams, words of knowledge, pictures to help us hear him.  These are all under the authority of the Bible and never contradict it.  To help you discover more about the part the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts play have a look at this series of talks.

Baptise: The Bible teaches that when we become Christians we should be baptised to show publicly that we living a new life.  Baptism is a simple, symbolic act where the believer is immersed in water.  To learn more about baptism why not order this booklet from our friend Richard Baxter.

Share Communion:  In a similar way, communion is another symbolic act but whilst we are only baptised once, we are encouraged to shared bread and wine together regularly in order to help us to remember and focus on Jesus’ death for us.  Communion does not need to be complicated with lots of ritual and liturgy.  All you need is some bread and some wine or grape juice to share together.  You can learn about what communion is and how to share it together by reading 1 Corinthians 11:17-34.

If you would like more help as you begin to start to worship together please get in touch.

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