Church in a box

Faithroots Urban Planting is about helping to get churches started so that people can gather around God’s Word wherever and whenever they are able to.  One way we are facilitating that is to provide a “Church in a Box” option.

Church in a Box means that if you live somewhere and it isn’t possible to join an existing local church that you can start to gather for prayer, praise and to look at God’s Word where you are as well as beginning to share your faith with friends and neighbours. We will provide you with resources to help you do this.

Here’s how it works.

Meet and Eat


Talk to God (Pray)

Listen to God

Spiritual Gifts

Communion and Baptism

If you are attempting to plant a church in your home then one of the attractive things about it may well be the sense of informality and intimacy that it offers. You don’t want to get tied up by too many rules and restrictions. However, we want to be responsible and plant safer churches. This means that there are a few things that you will want to put in place.

We cover these under Additional Support and Advice

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