A raw conversation about sex and theology

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As the fall out continues from Josh Butler’s book, Beautiful Union, and that car crash TGC article, we are, I think beginning to see some helpful reflection and interaction. Issues around marriage, sex and intimacy are I think of importance to those of us who care about pastoring well and so whilst some of us… Continue reading A raw conversation about sex and theology

Church Growth or a battle for market share?

Over the years I’ve come across a lot of material, books, seminars, blogs, podcasts talking about how to guarantee that your church will grow.  Some of the advise sounds to me like practical wisdom, for example if you have a building that is 80% full then you have reached capacity.  Some of it is good… Continue reading Church Growth or a battle for market share?

Wake up and look up

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Do you know the story of sleeping beauty?  A princess has been held captive by a sorceress who has used magic to end her into a deep sleep. Only her prince can wake her with a kiss.  Sometimes it can seem that God’s people have been enchanted into slumber. It certainly seemed that way in… Continue reading Wake up and look up

Guns, rights and exegesis

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Sadly, there has been another horrific shooting at a US school. Far too frequently we hear of such terrible and tragic events in the United States and this prompts debate about gun controls.  One of the arguments frequently made for not bringing in tighter controls is that Americans have a constitutional right to bear arms. … Continue reading Guns, rights and exegesis

How not to talk about marriage and women

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Take a look at this tweet. It sums up in one revolting little paragraph everything that is wrong with a certain outlook on life, a certain distortion of what God’s Word teaches. I suspect that it arises out of a couple of misunderstandings of what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 7. First, in v7, Paul… Continue reading How not to talk about marriage and women

Disability and Evangelical Theology

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The other day, I responded to some comments on twitter about what Evangelicals believe about the New Creation/our resurrection bodies and implications for people with disabilities.  Fascinatingly, a lot of the comments seemed to be coming from people who wanted to speak for those who had disabilities, physical impairments and chronic conditions but did not… Continue reading Disability and Evangelical Theology

How do you collect and organise sermon illustrations?

I don’t, is the quick and simply answer! Furthermore, I wouldn’t advise anyone else to either.  The question was put to pastors on twitter and I presume arises out of a culture where pastors and preachers are encouraged to go searching for potential little stories and quotes that they can easily select from in order… Continue reading How do you collect and organise sermon illustrations?


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A refiner’s fire removes all of the dross and waste material so that only the precious materials are left.  Israel and Judah experienced God’s refining work through their suffering and captivity so that all of their false worship and shallow claims were removed leaving behind only true worship. That’s what God does with us too,… Continue reading Refined