Mary did you know?

I love the lyrics to the carol “Mary did you know?”  I particularly love this version by Pentatonix. The Carol sets up an imaginary conversation with Mary asking her questions in order to highlight the contrast between the seemingly ordinariness of a little, fully human baby and the wonder of his divinity and his roleContinue reading “Mary did you know?”

Nobody puts the baby in a corner

Luke 2:1-7 tells us of the events surrounding Jesus’ birth. We meet up with Joseph and Mary again following her visit to see Elizabeth and the focus in chapter 1 turning to the birth of John.  Now they must go to Bethlehem and register for tax purposes. Whilst there, Mary gives birth, the baby isContinue reading “Nobody puts the baby in a corner”

Responding in faith

Luke 1 sets two angelical visions against each other. In the first vision, Gabriel appears to an old priest named Zechariah to tell him that he is going to have a son.  Six months later, the same angel appears to a young girl called Mary who is betrothed to be married.[1] She too will haveContinue reading “Responding in faith”

A promise has been kept

The response of God’s people to deliverance is praise. After the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, Miriam led the people in dance and song, at the heart of Scripture are the Psalms –  a whole book of songs, some lamenting, some interceding but many telling the story of God’s saving acts. So it should beContinue reading “A promise has been kept”

Rumours, fear and scepticism

Imagine living in Judea or Galilee around about 4BC.  The gossip trail will have been working overtime, rumours of angels showing up and appearing with words from God after 400 years, reports of an elderly priest struck dumb in the temple, claims about an elderly woman giving birth having been infertile all her life andContinue reading “Rumours, fear and scepticism”

Unbelief and silence

Here’s another little perspective on the account of Zechariah and the angel.  Sometimes we see the key people in the Gospels in effect acting out or recapitulating Israel’s history.  So, here we have the story of a man who serves God in the Temple, who is a representative of the people and a spokesman forContinue reading “Unbelief and silence”

God’s happy people living under his rule

We are going to link up with the Bearwood Chapel Sunday teaching over the next couple of weeks and go into some more detail looking at the Sermon on the Mount together.  Some people will tell you that they are not much into religion and don’t care for worshipping Jesus as God but they doContinue reading “God’s happy people living under his rule”