Training for ministry is not just about “what” but “who”

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Over time, the pendulum swings back and forth in terms of what is considered a good education.  A few years back, schools were all about so called “child centred learning” where children were to be encouraged to explore and discover for themselves. Teachers were not “the sage on the stage” but “ the guide at… Continue reading Training for ministry is not just about “what” but “who”

Theological training -what is the standard we are looking for?

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I’ve heard all kinds of analogies for theological training.  The one that sticks in my mind from those arguing for seminary training is the comparison to airline pilots. You wouldn’t want to be a passenger if the pilot had never been trained, had done the bare minimum or was learning on the job. Recently as… Continue reading Theological training -what is the standard we are looking for?

Faithroots Training – take a tour

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One of my aims in starting Faithroots was to provide a teaching and training resource for those who wanted to dig deeper into aspects of Bible teaching, theology, practical pastoral care and leadership. I believe that there are a lot of people who would both welcome and benefit from further training for Gospel work but… Continue reading Faithroots Training – take a tour

Showing Off: Proclamation in context

Well, we have finally arrived at the summit of our discussion. This is where we want to be. We’ve stepped in, searched out, showed up and now it is time to show off. The point is not that we now show off our learning or our righteousness. Rather, we get to show off Christ in… Continue reading Showing Off: Proclamation in context

Stepping In: The Need

I’m going to be writing about the need to reach our inner cities and council estates with the good news about Jesus and his death and resurrection. This series of articles arises out of a growing recognition that there is a great and terrible gap in our gospel witness. To be fair, Gospel witness in… Continue reading Stepping In: The Need

Can you cope with the mess?

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The other day, I shared an article about the need for generous Gospel partnership if we are to reach the unreached parts of our urban areas, our towns and the cities.  I noticed today that someone had added a comment after a friend shared the article on Facebook. The point was that as well as… Continue reading Can you cope with the mess?

Urban planting needs generous partnerships

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I’ve written a couple of articles in the last few days about some changes I think we need to our thinking and approach if we are seriously about mission and church planting into urban Britain. Here’s my third article in the series. This level of partnership is going to take a significant level of mission.… Continue reading Urban planting needs generous partnerships