The Trinity in Isaiah

If we want to discover what it means to believe in the Triune God, then the clear revelation of this truth that there is one God in three persons is found in the New Testament, especially but not exclusively in John’s Gospel.  However significant foundations for this revelation were already laid in the Old Testament… Continue reading The Trinity in Isaiah

Biblcal Theology and Isaiah

Biblical Theology helps us to see God’s big story of redemption unfolding on the pages of Scripture.  There are a couple of aspects to this.  First of all, authors such as Graeme Goldsworthy and Christopher Wright have identified three themes running through Scripture.  We can talk about The story that the Bible tells us the… Continue reading Biblcal Theology and Isaiah

Death and resurrection – applying Jonah through Jesus

We want to apply the Old Testament to our lives today but how do we best do that.  There’s a risk that if we just use an Old Testament character as an example that we end up with legalism.  The message of Jonah gives us a helpful case study. Jonah runs away from God and… Continue reading Death and resurrection – applying Jonah through Jesus

Echoes …(an introduction to typology)

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One of the exciting things you spot as you read through Scripture especially if you’ve ever done that thing where you read from beginning to end in a year, or if you spend a bit of time reading through big sections is that you begin to spot patterns and echoes.  For example, here are three… Continue reading Echoes …(an introduction to typology)

The whole Christmas story

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A few weeks back, Glen Scrivener commented on twitter to the effect that the Gospel was the best story, it was complete, incomparable, unbeatable.  There was general agreement with this although some asked whether he would concede that the prequel found in the Old Testament came pretty close and was essential to the strength of… Continue reading The whole Christmas story

“Go to the land I will show you “-Abraham and God’s place

When God tells Abraham to go to the place or land he is going to show him, Abraham obeys.  This is despite all the challenges and obstacles that he faces.  God has promised the land to him and his descendants, but he is old, without children and the land is already occupied. Not only is… Continue reading “Go to the land I will show you “-Abraham and God’s place

God’s place – Eden

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I’m continuing to explore the theme of God’s people living in his presence and picking up on the three themes that Graeme Goldsworthy and Christopher Wright both emphasise of people, place and rule. At the moment we are talking about place -about where God’s people are to dwell in his presence. In Genesis 1, we… Continue reading God’s place – Eden

Euthanasia and the real choice: A culture of life or a culture of death?

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The other day, I wrote about concerning proposals coming out of Canada which could have profound and disturbing consequences.  The proposal is that medically assisted dying (euthanasia) should be made available for those with disabilities and for children, even under 1 year old.  The purpose for this is said to be that this would enable… Continue reading Euthanasia and the real choice: A culture of life or a culture of death?

God’s Place

There are three strands to Biblical Theology I would like to talk a bit more in this article about “God’s Place.”  In Genesis 1-2, we are told the story of Creation.  God creates the universe out of nothing and forms and fills it over a 6 day period before resting on the seventh day. The… Continue reading God’s Place

Good news for the unsettled, uprooted and home sick

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The strapline of Faithroots is “What we believe affects how we live.”  This is because Faithroots is first of all, a theological website. One of my aims is to introduce readers to good, solid, rich and challenging theology.  But Faithroots is also meant to be a practical, pastoral site and I don’t think those two… Continue reading Good news for the unsettled, uprooted and home sick