Hostile to God

Our story of humanity so far has been about rebellion and rescue. We’ve seen Adam and Eve sin and face both judgement and grace, we’ve observed this pattern repeated through Cain and Abel. We’ve then watched as evil has filled the earth leading to judgement through cataclysm.  There was salvation in the midst of The… Continue reading Hostile to God

The Kingdom of God in Mark

Jesus begins his ministry by announcing the “good news” that the Kingdom of God is near.[1]  Therefore, if we are to benefit from this good news, we need to understand what Jesus means by the phrase “The Kingdom of God.” Firstly, The Kingdom of God is the fulfilment of God’s promises to Israel.  We see… Continue reading The Kingdom of God in Mark

Cost of living crisis: A Biblical Theology of economics and poverty

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I’ve been writing a few articles to get us thinking about the cost of living crisis and how we respond as Christians.  Today I want to step back and look at the big picture of how the Bible approaches questions concerning economics and poverty.  Our starting point is this diagram from Christopher Wright which picks… Continue reading Cost of living crisis: A Biblical Theology of economics and poverty

Surviving or thriving? A Biblical Theology of grace and law

This week’s podcast is based on a sermon I preached recently for our church. Here’s my outline notes. Introduction What does it mean to live in God’s presence – to please him? Grace came first last week – a good thing. Law – we are going to trace a theme through the whole Bible story… Continue reading Surviving or thriving? A Biblical Theology of grace and law

The end of a world

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I recently wrote about whether the book of Revelation and other apocalyptic literature (Daniel, Matthew 24) etc predict current events that we are seeing now.  I guess my answer was “yes and no.”  No, in the sense most people understand the prophecy to be working.  We are not meant to find chapters in the Bible… Continue reading The end of a world

Can we talk about ugliness?

John Piper hosts a podcast called “Ask Pastor John”. Recently he was asked: ““Pastor John, why did God make some people ugly and unattractive? How can I accept the fact that God, though capable of making me beautiful or at least average looking, chose to create me in an unattractive manner?” Now I guess, Piper… Continue reading Can we talk about ugliness?

Blessing from nowhere

I was talking with my friend Dan James about sermon he was preparing for his church on Haggai 2 the other day and was struck by something fascinating. Have a look at Haggai 2:10-19.  What stood out to me was verse 19: 19 Is the seed yet in the barn? Indeed, the vine, the fig tree,… Continue reading Blessing from nowhere

Christian Patriarchy may be following the wrong trajectory

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Patriarchy seems to be a dominant word at the moment. It’s being used as a term of accusation and abuse against complementarians. For example, Beth Allison Barr whose book I reviewed recently identifies this as the big problem with conservative evangelicalism. It is also being used as a badge of honour by some who say… Continue reading Christian Patriarchy may be following the wrong trajectory

Creation and Biblical Theology

The first few chapters of Genesis are setting up the rest of the book. So, just as a film or novel will return to key places and characters and just as a particularly melody will keep appearing in a musical, so too, we can look forward to the themes we discover in these first few… Continue reading Creation and Biblical Theology