One of the things about the Transfer window is that you get all kinds of rumours.  For example, this year, there are a few rumours doing the rounds concerning Billy Sharp, Sheffield United’s veteran and prolific striker.  He has been linked with my home team, Bradford City.  The only thing is that he gets linked… Continue reading Calling

Credentials (Galatians 1:11-24)

Here’s a sample “Dig Deeper” style Bible study on part of Galatians 1. Our church used it for our Life Group yesterday. Watch out for an article talking us through this passage tomorrow. For Starters What do you do  if someone makes a claim about something big to you (this could be good news or… Continue reading Credentials (Galatians 1:11-24)

Transfer window?

As I write, the football season has just finished and it’s now the transfer period. Lot’s of football players will be on the look out for a better offer.   Some will be willing to abandon a club that they’ve played for over many seasons, that has looked after them well and where they’ve enjoyed the… Continue reading Transfer window?

A letter arrives

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I remember when I was at University, I used to love looking forward to getting letters from my parents and my grandma. Similarly, when my mum and dad were first in China, mum was a phenomenal correspondent and each week she’d write to tell me about her adventures. The art of letter writing has died… Continue reading A letter arrives

Opening Credits

This week we look at 1 Chronicles 11-12 Anointed (11:1-3) Jerusalem (11: 4-10) Jerusalem is in Benjamin, whereas Hebron = a city of Judah.  Jerusalem is a crucial symbol of David uniting the kingdom and replacing Saul’s dynasty Mighty Men (11:10-47) Early followers of David The inner circle – the three and the thirty Note… Continue reading Opening Credits

Introducing Galatians

Our church are about to embark on a teaching series on Paul’s letter to the Galatians. Here are some introductory notes. When was the book written? Nowadays it is usually viewed as an early letter, if not the earliest of Paul’s letters. Some reformers including Luther considered it to have been written later though, seeing… Continue reading Introducing Galatians

Death of a king

“Saul’s suicide is an appropriate gesture: he is the troubler of his own house.”[2] But also “It was in his total behaviour, not in isolated individual acts, that Saul showed himself to be unfaithful, and it was for the lack of faith that Yahweh rejected him and turned the kingdom over to David, the son… Continue reading Death of a king

Reading the Psalms: Digging into the detail

In my last article I talked about how we read the Psalms by reading them in context but just like with any other book of the Bible, we also have to step in to the detailed exegesis.  Here are some further hints to help us with our Psalm reading. First, if you want to read… Continue reading Reading the Psalms: Digging into the detail

Roots and Branches

Here’s the next part of “What Matters” – a teaching series on 1 and 2 Chronicles The narrative seems bare.  We cover the equivalent of most of Genesis in 1 chapter.  However, it may tell more than we first spot. Notice that significant attention is given to Judah and particularly on David’s line (ch3). Ch4:9-10,… Continue reading Roots and Branches