A small matter and a heart matter (Romans 2:14-21)

It has been a contentious week when it comes to identity and status.  Did you pick up in the Meghan and Harry interview that so much of the fall out between the Sussexes and the Royal Family (not forgetting the media and the UK in general) was to do with the status of their sonContinue reading “A small matter and a heart matter (Romans 2:14-21)”

Grace and Peace (Romans 1: 1-7)

I have spent the bulk of my life living in three of the UK’s biggest conurbations.  I grew up in West Yorkshire, spent 4 years in London and then we moved to the West Midlands. This has given me a huge concern for the city. I am keen to see churches rooted and established onContinue reading “Grace and Peace (Romans 1: 1-7)”

Return of The King – Interpreting Revelation

Revelation has proved one of the most controversial books in the New Testament. One reason for this is that different people have taken different approaches to interpreting i Different Approaches Kistemaker helpfully lists the following different approaches. Preterist “that which has gone past”[1] to do with the time it was written -focusing on the eventsContinue reading “Return of The King – Interpreting Revelation”

Return of the King – Dating Revelation

There are two main options -an early date pre AD70 under Emperor Nero or a later date around about AD90- AD95 under Emperor Domitian. JAT Robinson favours an early date -his book “Redating the New Testament” he strongly argues that the whole of the New Testament must be understood as written prior to the fallContinue reading “Return of the King – Dating Revelation”

Return of the King – What is the book of Revelation?

It is self-identified as “prophecy”[1] in other words, it reveals what God has to say to his people. We may also expect it to include predictions about the future as well as a verdict on what God’s people are doing at a specific time. The genre is usually described as “apocalyptic literature.”[2] This is aContinue reading “Return of the King – What is the book of Revelation?”