The parable of the interviewer who made his candidates wait all day

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Did you see the story about the employer who invited 6 people for interview? They were told to be there for 7am. However, he didn’t start interviewing then. Rather he left them to wait. By 3pm 2 of them had given 3 of them had given up and left.  By 6pm only 2 were left.… Continue reading The parable of the interviewer who made his candidates wait all day

When will we sing again?

Churches were looking forward to June 21st because we hoped that the final lifting of COVID restrictions would include removal of the requirements to socially distance, wear face maks and abstain from singing. I was never convinced that we would see all of that happening, I’ve heard people persistently push on social media and in… Continue reading When will we sing again?

Testing a calling – how decisions are made

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As you know, we are in a bit of a transitional phase, on the 31st December, I left my previous pastorate and we are now taking a little bit of time to look at different possibilities to see where God is leading us next. The possibilities really divide into two categories. On the one hand,… Continue reading Testing a calling – how decisions are made

Lead us not into temptation

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A lot of people struggle with this one and so have sought to amend it. Why on earth would God lead us into temptation? This implies doesn’t it that he might, but surely that would mean he was encouraging us into evil.  Perhaps this is a strong way of emphasising the next part of the… Continue reading Lead us not into temptation

Tested (Matthew 4:1-11)

“I will tell me dad.” There are few more reassuring things for a child than to know that their parents have got their back and are looking out for them. So, there is nothing more disturbing than when someone starts to sow doubt “My dad is bigger/stronger than yours). This is one of the devil’s… Continue reading Tested (Matthew 4:1-11)