Is “open or closed communion?” the right question?

One of the graces in COVID is that it has pushed us hard to think about some key aspects of church life such as “What really is gathered worship?” and “What are the priority ministries of a church in the week?” There has also been quite a bit of discussion about when, how and whyContinue reading “Is “open or closed communion?” the right question?”

Be careful little lips what you say -the heresy bar

“Wayne Grudem is a heretic, I know so cos my dad is an elder and he says so!” I’m paraphrasing a little but not by much.  The conversation was not with a youngster but with someone claiming to lead a ministry.  It was a brief twitter conversation.  Readers here will hopefully be up to dateContinue reading “Be careful little lips what you say -the heresy bar”

Why I believe that NDAs have no place in church relationships

Yesterday, Steve Kneale led with an article looking at Non-Disclosure Agreements in christian organisations. The basis of his article was a report in the Times about a Tearfund employee acting as a whistle blower. Now, my gut reaction was that when someone heads off to talk to The Times and The Times leads with anContinue reading “Why I believe that NDAs have no place in church relationships”

Fear or hope – how to spot a conspiracy theory

How do you spot a conspiracy theory/theorist? I’ve been thinking about this over the past few day as I’ve done a bit of digging into the anatomy of conspiracy theories.  You will have seen on my YouTube videos and my articles here that my view is there is primarily one conspiracy theory, a spine runningContinue reading “Fear or hope – how to spot a conspiracy theory”

Investigating Church Planting

This is the second part of a look at how pastors move to new posts.  It’s partly for those of you who are interested in how I’m spending my days at the moment but also I hope these two articles will be helpful for those who are considering a call to the pastorate or callingContinue reading “Investigating Church Planting”

Testing a calling – how decisions are made

As you know, we are in a bit of a transitional phase, on the 31st December, I left my previous pastorate and we are now taking a little bit of time to look at different possibilities to see where God is leading us next. The possibilities really divide into two categories. On the one hand,Continue reading “Testing a calling – how decisions are made”

Pandemic or Tsunami proofing Gospel multiplication

The other day, I talked about things that can prove obstacles to Gospel multiplication. At the end, I mentioned something specific to our current circumstance. I do not think that we were Tsunami proof. We were not ready for the crisis of the pandemic. There has been multiplication but it was vulnerable and fragile.  OfContinue reading “Pandemic or Tsunami proofing Gospel multiplication”

Joining a new church in lockdown

Circumstances have compelled us to change churches.  I’m very grateful that there are a couple of other churches that have been very loving and caring, looking out for us as we make that transition but not everyone has that luxury.  Ordinary church members are less likely to have church leaders watching out for them specificallyContinue reading “Joining a new church in lockdown”

Can we make it more Biblical?

I remember a few years back that we had issues with a particularly disruptive church member. They liked to see themselves as the guardian of orthodoxy and so they would regularly find ways to protest and object. They would also write to us to tell us how we were somehow in league with some personContinue reading “Can we make it more Biblical?”

If you love Christ then don’t trash talk his bride.

I couldn’t help responding to this tweet with the obvious repost. It would be highly concerning if the bride of Christ were to be caught cross-dressing. Missing the point and the humour, my interlocutor was quick to accuse me of somehow lacking in Biblical manhood and needing to repent. I’m not sure how he determinesContinue reading “If you love Christ then don’t trash talk his bride.”