How relevant is the New Perspective (and other controversies)?

Our church are just starting a series on Galatians.  Different people will be preaching a chapter each week and we’ll be following up in a bit more detail in our life group studies and with some blog posts here on Faithroots.   Galatians is a controversial letter, controversial because Paul himself was writing polemically to respond… Continue reading How relevant is the New Perspective (and other controversies)?

Against sermon note taking

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Alistair Chalmers makes the case for taking notes during sermons here.  This is something I’ve changed my mind on.  Having a congregation furiously scribbling down notes during your talk is the gold standard measure of effective conservative evangelical preaching. It’s up there with getting a spontaneous outburst of hallelujahs and amens at a Pentecostal service… Continue reading Against sermon note taking

How to approach a longer preaching series

Recently I wrote about the benefits of preaching longer series through larger books of the Bible, including the major Old Testament books.  Those books which might take significantly longer include the major prophets such as Isaiah as well the Pentateuch and the history books.  It’s possible to spend a year or even longer working week… Continue reading How to approach a longer preaching series

Adoption: What God says about you

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When King Saul and his sons died in battle, one of the few survivors from the family was a little boy called Mephibosheth.   As his family fled, he was dropped, irreparably damaging his legs so that he was unable to walk.[1]  Later King David expressed the desire to show kindness to relatives of Jonathan, Saul’s… Continue reading Adoption: What God says about you

How do we enrich our preaching?

This is a follow up to my article about deeper theological and cultural engagement.  Where and how do we start to do this?  Well, personally, I want to argue that we start with our preaching. Not everyone will agree with me on this.  There’s a big argument for providing other vehicles and contexts for teaching. … Continue reading How do we enrich our preaching?

Why you should do long preaching series in the Old Testament

I am planning to do some teaching through 1 and 2 Chronicles soon. It will be appearing on the Faithroots Podcast and there may also be a few accompanying articles.  My main aim is to provide an additional training resource for those using Faithroots to help equip them for urban mission and planting.  However, I… Continue reading Why you should do long preaching series in the Old Testament

Arise and Shine

I’ve now put together all of the teaching and devotional material we’ve been covering in Isaiah in one place. You can read it here. This should be a useful training resource for those of you making use of Faithroots resources for equipping for urban ministry. Part 1 offers an overview to the book, setting it… Continue reading Arise and Shine

The AI Generated Sermon

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Recently someone made a confession: I strongly suspect it is a spoof/satirical comment, intended as satire but it could easily be genuine.  After all, I’ve recently been writing about whether ro not we should borrow sermons andis  illustrations from others. The person concerned would only be going one step further in making use of AI.… Continue reading The AI Generated Sermon