What your Bible translation does

In my previous article talking about how to slow down our reading of the Bible I mentioned that you might find it helpful to read from a different translation from time to time.  I thought it might be helpful to talk a little about choosing Bible translations in terms of how they function.  There areContinue reading “What your Bible translation does”

Slow Down

If you take a preaching class, one of the first things you’ll start with is something called Exegesis.  Exegesis is all about how we read the meaning out of (Ex) the text. This is contrasted with eisegesis, reading our own meaning and ideas into (eis) the text.  The risk when preaching is that we willContinue reading “Slow Down”

Why I started preaching longer sermons again

At the start of Coronavirus when we all moved church services online, the majority view was that we needed to preach shorter sermons (in fact our services overall were shorter).  I agreed with this approach and followed it. I believe it was the right thing to do. You see, all the evidence seemed to pointContinue reading “Why I started preaching longer sermons again”

What do you see (Matthew 11:1-19)

What do you see when you look at the world around you?  The chaos and uncertainty around a contested Presidential result?  The devastation caused by a global pandemic. The ongoing climate change crisis? The division and hurt of racism? What do you see when you look at your own life? Weakness, failure, shame? The drudgeryContinue reading “What do you see (Matthew 11:1-19)”

“I don’t need no sauce on the word”

This tweet with media clip needs little explanation. Kanye West fantastically explains what expository preaching is and why we need it. For all of us preachers who are going to be tempted from time to time to be entertainers, it is worth hearing a strong exhortation from an actual entertainer that this is not ourContinue reading ““I don’t need no sauce on the word””

Is it time to rethink – or even drop – our ministry training schemes?

What if we were to close down our Ministry Training Schemes and start again?  Up and down the country for the past 2-30 years, churches and Gospel partnerships have been running these schemes. They tend primarily (though not exclusively) to be run from churches with high student numbers and a scheme typically involves One dayContinue reading “Is it time to rethink – or even drop – our ministry training schemes?”

Peace (Matthew 8:23-33)

“I just wish things could get back to normal.” Have you heard other people saying that? Have you found yourself saying it too?  If I were to take you back to February and March, how did you feel then? Perhaps you were anxious but there was also the adrenalin of being in this together tooContinue reading “Peace (Matthew 8:23-33)”

Preparing that delicious (spiritual) meal

In a recent article, I suggested that people sometimes feel like they aren’t fed in church because it is like raw, bloodied meat, substantial but unappetising. Others feel unfed because the meal is all sauce and no meat.  So I thought I’d double down on that imagery! I want to suggest to you that whilstContinue reading “Preparing that delicious (spiritual) meal”

Notes on teaching through Proverbs

I’ve been posting some talks and articles on Proverbs recently. A few years back we did a teaching series through the book and it was highly enjoyable. Many Christians find it helpful to learn individual proverbs. However, we tend to shy away from running expository series through the book because the literary style is veryContinue reading “Notes on teaching through Proverbs”