Light and Beginnings – Matthew 4:1-17

Last year, the lady who lived next door but one to us died and her daughters sold the house to another family. They haven’t moved in yet. The house was quite dated in many ways and too small for them. They have ripped it apart, tearing out fixtures and fittings, replacing windows, knocking down anContinue reading “Light and Beginnings – Matthew 4:1-17”

Hastening Christ’s Coming

Why do we get so frustrated when we see people breaking the lockdown rules? It’s the same reason that we used to get frustrated at school when the teacher said that we would be kept behind longer if people kept messing about. We just wanted everyone to behave so that the detention would end andContinue reading “Hastening Christ’s Coming”

Listen very carefully

Here’s today’s Afternoon Tea discussion. As it is Sunday, we have a first look at the Sunday Night topic which this week is “Listen carefully” (Hebrews 2:1-4). Here are the key points: 1. The context is that Jesus is greater than the angels. 2. Although Jesus’ revelation is greater, it does not replace the OTContinue reading “Listen very carefully”

Attention Span – three questions

During lockdown, one of the big questions for pastors and preachers has been about if and how to adapt our preaching. Can we just carry on as normal, preaching to a camera instead of a congregation, or do we need to adapt? A specific example of this, is sermon length. There is some suggestion thatContinue reading “Attention Span – three questions”

Coronavirus and the battle of three fridges

Here is the latest Government ad campaign in the battle of Coronavirus. You get the message don’t you. We are meant to keep our distance when out and about. We should be around about two metres apart from each other, that’s obviously not meant to be a precise measurement. It’s a rough distance.  There areContinue reading “Coronavirus and the battle of three fridges”

Preaching shorter sermons (Do we need to in lockdown online?)

One question that keeps coming up during lockdown is whether we can preach the same length of sermons during lockdown or whether we need to shorten them. At a recent FIEC webinar, research by  educationalists was referenced suggesting that our attention span when viewing online content is about half that of when listening to orContinue reading “Preaching shorter sermons (Do we need to in lockdown online?)”

Preaching longer passages

A recent FIEC webinar on church life during lockdown discussed preaching and one of the questions was around whether or not you can preach on longer passages online given the shorter attention span that online engagement causes. I am going to engage with the question of online preaching in my next article but in faceContinue reading “Preaching longer passages”

Trusting God for the long-haul (2 Peter 3:1-7)

Have you noticed the consistent theme that has come through the recent government briefings. Within that umbrella word “government” I am including the road map document, civil servants, science officers and the devolved governments in Scotland. I know there were some controversial issues, some confusing messages and some disagreement. However, everyone was agreed that weContinue reading “Trusting God for the long-haul (2 Peter 3:1-7)”

The difference between an exposition and a meander

I believe in the importance of systematic expository preaching which means that we work through a book of a Bible passage by passage each Sunday. I believe this is the best way to feed a congregation on God’s word. It enables the church to hear and engage with the whole of Scripture. It ensures thatContinue reading “The difference between an exposition and a meander”