The problem with asking people to serve before they belong

How you come in will be how you go on I’m sure you’ve heard this or something similar said about evangelism. If we rely on big events and entertainment to attract people to the Gospel, then we shouldn’t be surprised if that’s what it takes to hold them going forward. Your church will find that… Continue reading The problem with asking people to serve before they belong

Faithroots Training – take a tour

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One of my aims in starting Faithroots was to provide a teaching and training resource for those who wanted to dig deeper into aspects of Bible teaching, theology, practical pastoral care and leadership. I believe that there are a lot of people who would both welcome and benefit from further training for Gospel work but… Continue reading Faithroots Training – take a tour

On weaponising the words of Jesus –  a modern retelling of an old parable

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I came across this twitter thread today.  It’s not always easy to be certain when dealing with subtweets but I have an inkling that the target of the thread is Kevin DeYoung who recently wrote an article on The Gospel Coalition website about what it means (and doesn’t mean) to “weep with those who weep.”… Continue reading On weaponising the words of Jesus –  a modern retelling of an old parable

Calvin on parents and children

Having had a look at what Calvin has to say about slaves and masters based on Paul’s teaching in Ephesians 5-6, I thought it would be worth having a look at his comments on the other two issues treated there, first on parents and children, then on wives and husbands. Calvin picks up on the… Continue reading Calvin on parents and children

How can dads disciple their kids?

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I recently wrote about what it means to disciple children and young people. I’ve been thinking a little further about what I would say from the front of church to encourage parents, particular fathers in their responsibility to teach and disciple their children.  Here’s what I’d say: Tomorrow is Monday. Here’s what I want you… Continue reading How can dads disciple their kids?

How do we disciple children and young people?

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There’s been a bit of a discussion on social media about faith in kids and reaching younger generations with the Gospel.  First, there is this article by Ian Paul interviewing the CofE’s Youth Evangelism officer.  Can the church ever reach young people again? Then there were these tweets by Anthony B Bradley. I must admit… Continue reading How do we disciple children and young people?

Policing temptation with what we wear

Social media is a dangerous place to go if you are worried about causing offense. Twitter in particular is a place where the compression of communication can lead to a lack of nuance and much misunderstanding. Of course it works well if your desire is to be provocative. But plenty of pastors have come unstuck… Continue reading Policing temptation with what we wear

Singing Lessons

In recent posts I’ve suggested we might need to be cautious about the assumption that the 19th July will immediately inaugurate the return of full churches, no masks and a return to congregational singing. I suggested that an interim step might be to encourage different parts of the congregation to sing either a whole song… Continue reading Singing Lessons

The better prize

Football doesn’t matter. It’s just a game. Try telling that to those young lads who gave their all last night and finished the game, exhausted, drained, on the floor with disappointment.  Try telling it to Sanchez and Saka who must carry the emotional scars of having missed penalties in a major tournament final and perhaps… Continue reading The better prize