Responding to a bit of anti-vax propaganda

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One of my concerns during the pandemic has been the way that truth has so often been the first casualty.  The debate has often been polarised between two extremes. On the one hand you’ve had the zero COVID lobby determined to prove that our governments are intentionally trying to kill us, at the other end,… Continue reading Responding to a bit of anti-vax propaganda

On weaponising the words of Jesus –  a modern retelling of an old parable

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I came across this twitter thread today.  It’s not always easy to be certain when dealing with subtweets but I have an inkling that the target of the thread is Kevin DeYoung who recently wrote an article on The Gospel Coalition website about what it means (and doesn’t mean) to “weep with those who weep.”… Continue reading On weaponising the words of Jesus –  a modern retelling of an old parable

Shemima Begum

In 2019, Shemima Begum left Britain as a 15 year old to join ISIL along with two other school girls. In Syria she married a Jihadist and had children with him that died. She was later found in a refugee camp. The Home Secretary with Tribunal support determined that she should be stripped of her… Continue reading Shemima Begum

Calvin on slavery

I thought it might be of interest to have a look at one of the Reformers and see how he handled the question of slavery in Scripture. So here’s some commentary on how John Calvin handles Ephesians 6.  Calvin is of particular interest because as I’ve argued previously, he seems to argue from Ephesians 5:21… Continue reading Calvin on slavery

The danger of conclusions drawn from circumstances

Yesterday I wrote about the short term supply chain problems affecting various economies around the world and causing specific shortages in terms of food in the UK.  I observed that people are quick to draw conclusions from correlations that support their particular political presuppositions so that some people are adamant that this has been caused… Continue reading The danger of conclusions drawn from circumstances

Avoiding scaremongering

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I want to share with you two examples of how the media’s handling of COVID-19 has been extremely unhelpful.  The public have a significant part to play in response to the pandemic and therefore needs accurate information in order to make informed decisions. The first example was published in the Independent.  You can read the… Continue reading Avoiding scaremongering

A man of their time?

Over the past year there’s been much discussion about how we should relate to and view Christians from previous generations, especially those who tend to hold hero status amongst us. This has been provoked by the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the tearing down of statues erected to historical figures often with a reputation for philanthropy but… Continue reading A man of their time?

Social Care – a proposal

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On Monday I wrote about the proposals to provide for social care by increasing the National Insurance rate.  I thought I’d sketch out a proposal of my own here to contribute to the debate. My proposal is as follows. First, scrap the current National Insurance system which in reality acts as another form of compulsory… Continue reading Social Care – a proposal