Why the dollar/pound exchange rate matters

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Just some quick notes about what has been happening with the currency and what that directly has to do with us.  Let’s simply things down for explanation. Supposing the £1 is trading at $2. It obviously affects when you go on holiday because you want to get as many dollars when you go so you… Continue reading Why the dollar/pound exchange rate matters

Further reflections on Trussonomics

I’ve been reflecting a little more on the debate around the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s statement last Friday and what is now becoming referred to as “Trussonomics.”  You will remember that my assessment was that it was economically illiterate and politically stupid. Perhaps you thought that harsh. Perhaps not given the even stronger assertions from… Continue reading Further reflections on Trussonomics

“In this day and age?”

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I’m increasingly seeing comments along the lines of “We shouldn’t be seeing or y … in this day and age.” Or “It is disgusting that in one of the richest G7 countries that we should be seeing x.” These statements at the moment relate specifically to the pressures that people are starting to face in… Continue reading “In this day and age?”

Diversity Quotas for books? Should every edited book have at least one female contributer?

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A few years back, the BBC decided that they should insist on having at least one female on every panel show.  It was a well intentioned effort to correct an imbalance and specifically in the context of comedy to give more women comedians the opportunity to showcase their talents. The other day, I saw this… Continue reading Diversity Quotas for books? Should every edited book have at least one female contributer?

Protesting is alive and well

Throughout the last week, there have been stories about people being arrested or threatened with arrest during either aspects of national mourning for Queen Elizabeth II or events to proclaim the new king. As I’ve written here, I suspect that in most cases where an arrest takes place that there is a little bit more… Continue reading Protesting is alive and well

Questioning curiosity

Here’s an interesting one.  Jemar Tisby wrote: Now, perhaps ironically, that in itself raises a whole load of questions that his approving audience don’t seem to be asking. The first one is this.”  How would people have reacted if we replaced the words ‘white’, ‘evangelical’ and questions’ in that sentence?” A second question would be,… Continue reading Questioning curiosity

Freedom of speech, decorum and breach of the peace

There is in the UK widespread seemingly widespread support for the monarchy.  Now, there is an important distinction between “widespread support” and “unanimous support.”  There is a significant proportion of people who would prefer the crown to be replaced with a republic.  Readers of Faithroots will know from past articles that I sit closer to… Continue reading Freedom of speech, decorum and breach of the peace

Chris Kaba

Whilst our thoughts have been focused on Balmoral, her Majesty the Queen was not the only person to die this week and whilst crowds were gathering in London on Saturday, not all were there to pay their respects to her.  In fact a Sky reporting mistakenly assumed that people in Trafalgar Square were on their… Continue reading Chris Kaba

Don’t make it about …

In my other article this morning I talk about the grief and mourning process thinking about what happens when this happens in a wider public context. Of course one of the emotions that can be part of grief (though doesn’t always have to be) is anger. I don’t think there has been much of that… Continue reading Don’t make it about …