Why we still have an anti-Semitism problem

It would be easy to sit back now and say “well that’s it, anti-Semitism is dealt with.” After all, it was a small problem affecting a few extremists in the Labour Party for a short period in their history.  I am not convinced. I think the problem runs deeper and here are a few reasonsContinue reading “Why we still have an anti-Semitism problem”

The election that affects us all

Often it is those most affected by a decision who get the least say in it. Think about the London Mayoral election. The Mayor has been able to impose a congestion charge and also has powers over how the London Underground functions but who is most affected by those decisions? Well arguably it is theContinue reading “The election that affects us all”

We’re all in this together

I love the story of Ruth in the Old Testament. Not so long back we spent a few weeks working through it together as a Home Group. The story is of a family who leave Bethlehem during a famine for Moab. It’s a story about economic migrants. They settle in Moab and the sons marryContinue reading “We’re all in this together”

John Piper is right -the US Presidential Election is about character and pride first

John Piper has been raising eyebrows this week. In an article, he argued that pride in a presidential candidate is as dangerous and likely to cause death as having a president with a liberal attitude to abortion laws. The surprising thing is that this in effect puts him at odds with his generation and hisContinue reading “John Piper is right -the US Presidential Election is about character and pride first”

Child Food Poverty – when will we stop to ask what the actual problem is?

There is a point in a crisis where people are rushing around trying to act to deal with it and not thinking that they have time to stop, observe and think.  They argue that this is because they think it is so serious. Ironically, all of their efforts to act suggest that they have notContinue reading “Child Food Poverty – when will we stop to ask what the actual problem is?”

A different approach to poverty

I hope you’ve had the opportunity to read my articles about the Marcus Rashford campaign for Free School Meals. Alongside them, I would encourage you to read Steve Kneale’s article on The Poor living by bread alone. It’s worth if just for the excerpts from George Orwell’s Road To Wigan Pier.  The reason I wantContinue reading “A different approach to poverty”

Slander and Gnosticism

A little while back I observed that we can quickly start throwing charges of heresy and insults about.  You can read the article here.  I particularly observed that we were often quick to accuse people of being Gnostic or at least allowing Gnosticism to influence our beliefs and practices. The insult has replaced the long-standingContinue reading “Slander and Gnosticism”

Why I signed a petition against closing Welsh Churches

The Welsh First Minister has announced a number of controversial measures over the past week. First of all he stated that people in Tier 2 and Tier 3 category areas from England would be banned from entering Wales. Then on Monday 19th October he announced that Wales would go into a Circuit Break and churchesContinue reading “Why I signed a petition against closing Welsh Churches”

Ableism and the Church (2) The Words we use

I was used to being called names like speccy four eyes at school and mocked and bullied because of my sight issues and asthma.  I didn’t expect those attitudes attending a comedy gig in our hall of residence at university.  Students tend to consider themselves right-on when it comes to prejudice yet there was theContinue reading “Ableism and the Church (2) The Words we use”

Following The Science … or The Sciences? How much disagreement really?

Every so often in life, you will hear someone say “well there are so many different opinions on x, therefore I am completely entitled to believe y” at which point they introduce a completely new option that no sane person in the debate would ever endorse. The belief that there are lots and lots ofContinue reading “Following The Science … or The Sciences? How much disagreement really?”