Covid and euthanasia of the elderly

Dystopian Literature often focuses on the concept that elderly people in an ordered authoritarian society will be required to accept that a day will come when they must lay down their lives. [1]For example, in “The Fixed Period” by Trollope, the inhabitants of Britannica near New Zealand legislate that at 67 years old, citizens shouldContinue reading “Covid and euthanasia of the elderly”

The biggest lie of all

I’ve been interacting with the big dark world of conspiracy theories in recent blogs and YouTube videos.  One of my main arguments is that we don’t deal with “conspiracy theories” so much as “Conspiracy.” That in effect there is one viral lie that sheds into individual beliefs, communities’ religious groupings and political movements. The lieContinue reading “The biggest lie of all”

Coronavirus and what the data is telling us

This is one of my regular appeals for us to work harder at understanding the Pandemic and to be slower to jump to tribal political responses of either panic or complacency. This week it was announced that the UK now topped the list as the worst hit country for deaths per million.  This led toContinue reading “Coronavirus and what the data is telling us”

Why I believe that NDAs have no place in church relationships

Yesterday, Steve Kneale led with an article looking at Non-Disclosure Agreements in christian organisations. The basis of his article was a report in the Times about a Tearfund employee acting as a whistle blower. Now, my gut reaction was that when someone heads off to talk to The Times and The Times leads with anContinue reading “Why I believe that NDAs have no place in church relationships”

God’s Man in the Whitehouse?

It’s inauguration day in the States and Joe Biden will officially succeed Donald Trump as US President around about 5pm GMT. I usually like to watch the US election result and the inauguration just as I like to stay up for General Election night here.  It’s probably the closest our friends across the pond getContinue reading “God’s Man in the Whitehouse?”

Fear or hope – how to spot a conspiracy theory

How do you spot a conspiracy theory/theorist? I’ve been thinking about this over the past few day as I’ve done a bit of digging into the anatomy of conspiracy theories.  You will have seen on my YouTube videos and my articles here that my view is there is primarily one conspiracy theory, a spine runningContinue reading “Fear or hope – how to spot a conspiracy theory”