That Hideous Strength (book review)

No, not the third in the CS Lewis Sci-Fi Trilogy, although the title is drawn from that book. This is Melvin Tinker’s analysis of the cultural dangers that the church and indeed Western society more broadly are facing today. Unsurprisingly, the primary cultural dangers identified by Tinker are the post-modern approach to tolerance that blursContinue reading “That Hideous Strength (book review)”

George Floyd, justice and why the optics do matter

I woke yesterday to the news that George Floyd’s killer, Derek Chauvin has been convicted. This is good news because it means justice for Floyd’s family, but it does not deal with the issue of racism.  In fact, it is concerning that some people are still trying to separate out the race issue here andContinue reading “George Floyd, justice and why the optics do matter”

Is the UK institutionally racist? Responding to THAT report

The other week, the Government published a report looking at racism in the UK in the light of last year’s #BlackLivesMatter protests (Report of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities).  The publication was accompanied by headlines[1] to the affect that There was no evidence of deliberate institutional racism The UK was in fact aContinue reading “Is the UK institutionally racist? Responding to THAT report”

What you don’t do is start a witch hunt

One of the standout claims from the Oprah Winfrey interview is the claim that a member of the royal household made racist comments about the potential skin tone of baby Archie.  The accusation is hard hitting in the context of current concerns about racism’s effect on our society and to be honest has that edgeContinue reading “What you don’t do is start a witch hunt”

White Fragility

The death of George Floyd, the outpouring of anger, the marches, people “taking the knee” and the apology videos seem an age away now.  Few people are talking about #BlackLivesMatter and a significant proportion of those who are, do so negatively as part of counter attacks against Marxist wokeness. Yet if we genuinely are concernedContinue reading “White Fragility”

Racism, social justice, crime, sin and idolatry

This is a follow up article to my most recent article on #BlackLivesMatter and specifically to some comments, questions and interaction.  One notable comment was to the affect that Justice was being done in the George Floyd case because the policeman was standing trial Christians should stick to preaching the Gospel and not spend timeContinue reading “Racism, social justice, crime, sin and idolatry”

Racism and the Gaslighting of a people

I came across this quote the other day. I wonder what you make of it it? My immediate concern here is that there is a bit of a narrative growing, namely that if there is racism here, then it is all the fault of those people who protested in the summer under the banner #BlackLivesMatter.Continue reading “Racism and the Gaslighting of a people”


How did the term “woke” become the insult of choice in 2020? The word is simply an African-Americanism meaning to be awake.  It has been around for many years. It came to describe those who had become awake to their subjugation. Woke people were awake to racial injustice, the historical effects of the slave tradeContinue reading “Woke?”

My country right or wrong?

“Patriotism is the last resort of a scoundrel” This was the classic first term subject for the University debating club to get their teeth into.  Of course, each year we would make the mistake of debating whether or not patriotism was a good or bad thing. In so doing, we missed the point that theContinue reading “My country right or wrong?”