If we are going to see racial justice we will need to escape the monster/angel narrative

It did not take long did it.  Fairly soon after George Floyd’s murder and the outpouring of grief, anger and protest, the stories were circulating. Floyd was high on meth, Floyd was a serial, violent criminal so why was he being celebrated as a martyr. Of course those stories started with the socially required statementsContinue reading “If we are going to see racial justice we will need to escape the monster/angel narrative”

Antisemitism is racist – no ifs no buts

Once again, antisemitism is in the news.  A celebrity has been sounding off on his twitter account, threatening to take on the whole Jewish community, comparing Jews to the KKK, encouraging the usual tropes about Jews controlling the world’s money. If we thought that antisemitism had gone away with the change of Labour Party leadership,Continue reading “Antisemitism is racist – no ifs no buts”

Being Salty You can be distinctive by speaking up when it is unpopular

Yesterday, we saw that Jesus’ command to be salt and light is not primarily about social justice but rather about sharing the Gospel.  Today, I wanted to pick up further on  little side point, which is that if we want to be distinctive in what we speak up about, then we need to be readyContinue reading “Being Salty You can be distinctive by speaking up when it is unpopular”

Word Crimes? Thought Crimes?

Police have decided that: “No criminal offence took place when a plane banner carrying the message “White Lives Matter Burnley” was flown over a Premier League match between Manchester City and Burnley,”[1] No doubt, some people will be relieved and delighted by that decision this morning and will hail it as a victory for common-sense.Continue reading “Word Crimes? Thought Crimes?”

Food from around the worldwide web (19/06/2020)

Grieving Well My Story practical advice on how to live through the immediate aftermath of bereavement. George Floyd and Me Hip hop artist Shai Linne writes movingly about how the death of George Floyd affected him. The problem of NRPF Free School Meals hit the headline this week through Marcus Radford’s campaign. Here is anContinue reading “Food from around the worldwide web (19/06/2020)”

If you don’t want to be racist, don’t misrepresent what black people are saying

Since George Floyd’s death, I have been fascinated to see the number of tweets, Facebook posts and articles by Christians responding to the call to “take the knee.”  Some Christians have chosen to do so, others have not and that’s the way it should be. We should not force people to take particular actions, theseContinue reading “If you don’t want to be racist, don’t misrepresent what black people are saying”

Some things take priority over the fear of Coronavirus

What would you have broken lockdown for? Is there anything that would have pushed you to move beyond the 2 metre distancing rules?  We were told that these rules were essential, that we should not under any circumstances break them or risk spreading the virus, getting ill of even dying ourselves.  People have expressed theirContinue reading “Some things take priority over the fear of Coronavirus”

Leaders set the tone – it isn’t always about us

If you live in a multi-ethnic context then over time you get to hear the thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears of people from different ethnic backgrounds to your own. I have the privilege of living in a community and being part of a church where people come from so many different backgrounds, Afro Caribbean, Nigerian,Continue reading “Leaders set the tone – it isn’t always about us”

Kings and nations tremble at his voice

I’m reposting this article from 2016.  It offers reflection on how we respond to geo-political turmoil. The opening paragraph refers to the Brexit referendum, to David Cameron, Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump’s election as US President.  It seems pertinent today as we reflect back both on 4 years of turmoil. Brexit eventually happenedContinue reading “Kings and nations tremble at his voice”

Food from around the Worldwide Web (12th June 2020)

The Gospel Demands that we grow multi-ethnic churches that overcome ethnic division “It is of vital importance that we allow the gospel to have it’s full intended effect of growing multi-racial communities of love and acceptance.” But why do black lives matter? Chipo Muwowo writes movingly of his own experience of racism and shows howContinue reading “Food from around the Worldwide Web (12th June 2020)”