Did the Archbishop preach the Gospel?

Before the funeral, there was a lot of talk about the fact that 4 billion people would be listening in and the responsibility therefore on the shoulders of the Archbishop of Canterbury to “hot it out of the court” and “smash it” by giving people the Gospel, full barrels. I must admit that I’m a… Continue reading Did the Archbishop preach the Gospel?

Protesting is alive and well

Throughout the last week, there have been stories about people being arrested or threatened with arrest during either aspects of national mourning for Queen Elizabeth II or events to proclaim the new king. As I’ve written here, I suspect that in most cases where an arrest takes place that there is a little bit more… Continue reading Protesting is alive and well

Don’t make it about …

In my other article this morning I talk about the grief and mourning process thinking about what happens when this happens in a wider public context. Of course one of the emotions that can be part of grief (though doesn’t always have to be) is anger. I don’t think there has been much of that… Continue reading Don’t make it about …

Her Majesty … Our Queen

Yesterday evening it was announced that Queen Elizabeth II had died aged 96.  I was in the city centre when the official news came through.  Even though we knew she had been increasingly frail and even though we had known through the afternoon that there were health concerns for her and her family were gathering… Continue reading Her Majesty … Our Queen

A tale of two countries – A Jubilee celebration for all?

Apparently, something big has been happening in Britain over the past few days.  Read certain papers (The Telegraph, the tabloids) or watch the BBC and you’ll pick up on it.  The UK are celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with street parties and pageants, festooning their houses and neighbourhoods with bunting and Union Jack flags.  Those… Continue reading A tale of two countries – A Jubilee celebration for all?

Why I won’t be celebrating Jubilee Sunday (if I can help it)

Yesterday, I began to talk about celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  As promised, here’s why I don’t intend to make a big thing of the so called Jubilee Sunday.  The first thing to say is that my position doesn’t arise out of some passionate republicanism although my sympathies lie increasingly that way.  I’m inclined to… Continue reading Why I won’t be celebrating Jubilee Sunday (if I can help it)

Is the Queen a Christian?

This weekend marks the official celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  A recent pastors’ discussion on Facebook was prompted by the question “How will you be marking Jubilee Sunday?”  My answer is that “I won’t”.  I’ll write a little bit more about that tomorrow.  Steve Kneale has written here explaining why he won’t.  Personally, I’ve… Continue reading Is the Queen a Christian?

Meaningful traditions and empty rituals

On Saturday, it was the Queen’s official birthday. Her actual birthday is in April and so it has been the custom for her to have an official celebration in June enabling the pageantry of the Trooping of the Colour with less risk of bad weather. It makes sense and has become part of our customs… Continue reading Meaningful traditions and empty rituals