Is it right to talk about identity in Christ?

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Here’s today’s #TheDailyDose. It’s a special edition as I wanted to go back over some of the stuff we’ve been spotting in John 1 in the light of a discussion on twitter.   The discussion was over whether or not it’s right to talk about “identity in Christ.” The objection being that our World is obsessed… Continue reading Is it right to talk about identity in Christ?

The offence of the cross should be enough offence for us

Did you see the news reports about he woman at Hyde Park speakers corner who was stabbed by a Muslim? Initially it was presented as a faith issue. Christian brings the Gospel in words, Muslim responds with violence. Did you see the further detail? Yes the confrontation was around Christians and Muslims but no it… Continue reading The offence of the cross should be enough offence for us

Do we need evangelism training?

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Steve Kneale writes here: “Evangelism is often over-complicated. It pays to ask, what do we actually need to go about the business of the gospel?” He argues that all we need to do is to know the Gospel ourselves, to have received the Holy Spirit and to be ready to speak the good news. On… Continue reading Do we need evangelism training?

Pantomime and penalties

So did the referee get it right or was it day light robbery?  You watched the replays from different angles and in slow motion several times. What is your conclusion?  If you are English you wil be 100% convinced that the referee got it wrong, there was obvious handball. If you are Argentinian, you’ll be… Continue reading Pantomime and penalties

Because I say so? -what should I do with my doubts?

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In presuppositional apologetics[1] one of the key arguments deployed for why we can trust the Bible is the claims that Scripture makes about itself. The basis for this argument is tht at some point, we have to accept that there is a final authority, an ultimate arbiter on belief. The question is “who” or “hat… Continue reading Because I say so? -what should I do with my doubts?

Will War ever cease?

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Introduction The First World War was meant to be the war to end all wars. The world was shocked by the extent of cruelty and suffering experienced.  Organisations like The League of Nations and later the UN were meant to bring war to an end. Sadly history tells us that human efforts to bring World… Continue reading Will War ever cease?

Can I trust the Bible?

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Can I trust what I’m reading?  It’s an important question -especially if you are reading out the winner of the Oscar for best film! Actually, that probably doesn’t matter too much but what about a prescription for medicine, a repair manual, a letter from the Home Office? You want to know that those documents tell… Continue reading Can I trust the Bible?

Why does God allow suffering?

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This is a big question.  It’s big because it raises philosophical questions about God’s goodness (love, wisdom etc.) and his greatness (sovereignty, omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence). Why do good things happen to bad people? How can a God of love tolerate suffering? God is sovereign -can’t stop the suffering If God is a God of love… Continue reading Why does God allow suffering?

No! Paul wasn’t infiltrating Christianity to destroy it

Every so often an attempt is made to place a wedge between the apostle Paul and Jesus Christ.  The standard argument is that the Gospels present us with Jesus as the founder of a Jewish apocalyptic with limited appeal beyond ethnic Jews either within Palestine or in the diaspora across the Empire. Paul innovated by… Continue reading No! Paul wasn’t infiltrating Christianity to destroy it