Like a thief in the night – local lockdowns and something of far greater importance

If you live in Greater Manchester or West Yorkshire, new localised lockdown measures were introduced at midnight yesterday. This news was released at 930pm.  There have been a lot of complaints since about the lack of notice. This has been presented as bad communication. My personal view is that the objections have been overplayed andContinue reading “Like a thief in the night – local lockdowns and something of far greater importance”

Losing my salvation? When someone remains angry at God

I want to respond a little more to a question that was raised in one of our Facebook live chat sessions. We were talking about the question of whether it is possible to lose your salvation. We talked about the possibility of persisting in sin until the Holy Spirit gives up. I said that thereContinue reading “Losing my salvation? When someone remains angry at God”

Is God Just and Fair?

Yesterday’s #AfternoonTea looked at this question as we continue to think about questions to do with justice. Key points include There are two arguments to consider here. First that God punishing sin is unfair because how can we really know that he exists and what his law is? The second is that it is unfairContinue reading “Is God Just and Fair?”

Against you only?

In Psalm 51:4 David says “Against you only have I sinned.” We usually meet those words when reading them as part of a confession and at first glance they seem like a helpful articulation of repentance. Then we notice the description of the Psalm as written in response to David’s sin in relation to Bathsheba.Continue reading “Against you only?”

Facing cancer and facing Fear

We had the privilege of interview Jeremy Marshall on Afternoon Tea yesterday. Jeremy was a successful banker in the city and CEO of a leading private bank.  The discovery of a cancerous lump changed everything.  Find out how as a believer in Jesus his faith has been deepened and how he has learnt to faceContinue reading “Facing cancer and facing Fear”

The First Look Course – Announcement

Our First Look course introducing the life of Jesus is available here and you are very welcome to access the materials for free anytime you want. We also know that some of you would love to do the course whilst interacting with others one to one or in a small group. So, we are runningContinue reading “The First Look Course – Announcement”

A Quarantined World

I love Sci-Fi. I think my parents and sister probably kicked off my appetite for it by sitting in front of our old black and white TV to watch classis like War of the Worlds whilst I was out at Boys Brigade as a kid. It gave me a hunger to get home and seeContinue reading “A Quarantined World”

Messy Church in a Messy World

This morning I’m resharing the first ever article from the original faithroots blog. It helps explain some of the assumptions behind what I write. It is also the first chapter in “How do you know?” which is available from the publications page. A dirty word for a messy world This blog is for people livingContinue reading “Messy Church in a Messy World”

A Code to live by?

The long running hit US drama NCIS revolves around the central character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Gibbs is both a hero and a troubled soul. Before joining the federal agency, he had been in the marines and whilst on active service left his wife Shannon and daughter Kelly at home. One day, he returned from dutyContinue reading “A Code to live by?”

What do we do with the ending to Mark’s Gospel?

At Home Group the other night, the group were wrapping up Mark’s Gospel. The group leader felt it was worthwhile spending some time talking  about how we responded to the the shorter and longer endings to the book. I am not going to rehearse the arguments for and against the inclusion of v8b or v9-20Continue reading “What do we do with the ending to Mark’s Gospel?”