The apologetics of plague and pandemic

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In a world where it’s all about survival of the fitness and there isn’t really purpose nor personality, the idea that human beings, the very creatures that represent those two things are still standing. It has struck me that our experience through history of plagues and pandemics is deeply unhelpful to the arguments of people… Continue reading The apologetics of plague and pandemic

Christmas Eve

You know how they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? This is that picture. Eve who with her husband brought death into the world became the mother of life. She was brought under the crushing curse of sin and death but her descendent the promised seed crushed the serpent’s head. Here in… Continue reading Christmas Eve

Why did Jesus have to be born of a virgin?

I wonder if you’ve been asked that question.  “Why did Mary have to be a virgin?”  I wonder how you would answer it? The liberal and sceptical answer is that he didn’t and he wasn’t. There was no literal virgin birth.  The argument is that Jesus was just an ordinary child born out of wedlock,… Continue reading Why did Jesus have to be born of a virgin?

Did Jesus come to give us a holiday?

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I saw this message the other day. It’s typical of the type of witty one liner that we Christians think makes a fantastic point, putting a bullet in licentious secularism and making the case for the Gospel. However, I fear that it has a different affect. A lot of people will see this as an… Continue reading Did Jesus come to give us a holiday?

First Look 4: The end … or is it?

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Discussion Starters What do you fear the most? If you knew that you had six months left to live, would you change anything about your plans and your daily routine? A look at the Bible Today we arrive at the part of the story which Luke gives most attention to. A biographer usually spends most… Continue reading First Look 4: The end … or is it?

What are we afraid of?

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Throughout COVID I’ve seen a particular line of argument from some of my fellow Christians to the effect that the response to the pandemic marks out a society that is afraid of death.  Apart from the feeling that this comes combined with suspicion of interventions to mitigate against the virus and a little bit of… Continue reading What are we afraid of?

First Look 3: What did Jesus say?

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Discussion Starters Who is the best teacher that you have ever had?  It may not have been a school teacher; perhaps it was an older work colleague, a friend, a sports coach. What made them a great teacher? What is the most important lesson they taught you? A Look at the Bible Read Luke 10:25-37… Continue reading First Look 3: What did Jesus say?

First Look 2 Who is this man?

Discussion Starters How would you define religion? Identify one religion or belief system from the list below and see if you can identify its core beliefs. Do you think the particular belief system you have described is liveable Islam Hinduism Sikhism Communism Humanism Buddhism Or alternatively…  If you could ask God one question what would… Continue reading First Look 2 Who is this man?

Christmas, hospitality and Muslims

A few years ago, a friend of ours invited us for an evening meal with their family. It was no ordinary dinner party, the clue was that we were going to be eating far later in the evening than I would normally. We were being invited to an Ifkar which is the meal Muslims eat… Continue reading Christmas, hospitality and Muslims

First Look 1 “How can we know about Jesus?

 Discussion Starters Think of a particularly famous person.  What are they famous for?  Do you wish that that you could know them personally?  If you met them what questions would you want to ask them?  Do you think they provide a role model worth following? What do you know about Jesus?  How would you describe… Continue reading First Look 1 “How can we know about Jesus?