Authentic Accounts

One of the apologetic challenges that some of us have had to engage with from time to time is that the four different accounts of the resurrection contradict each other.  One helpful way of responding is to put together a harmonised account, on the one hand that isn’t too easy because, despite the claims, theContinue reading “Authentic Accounts”

Why did Jesus Rise (Colossians 2:12 and 3:1-11)

A couple of days ago we raised two important questions: Why did Jesus die? Why did Jesus rise? When we looked at the first question, we saw that it was important for Christians because we want to follow Jesus and there are two challenges along the way The temptation to sin The threat of falseContinue reading “Why did Jesus Rise (Colossians 2:12 and 3:1-11)”

Dead people don’t come back to life

A little while back, I discussed a tweet from Professor Alice Roberts who is the professor of Public Engagement with Science at the University of Birmingham  Here’s the professor’s offering for Easter 2021 which she shared on Good Friday. Some people took offence to the tweet. The professor is entitled to her views, they arguedContinue reading “Dead people don’t come back to life”

Friday is here

There’s a famous sermon that has the rhetorical line that says “It’s Friday … but Sunday’s coming”  You can listen here. It’s powerful stuff and helpfully points us forward to the good news of the resurrection. I’m sure the words have sustained many people in the dark hours of trouble. Indeed, I owe my emphasisContinue reading “Friday is here”

Why Did Jesus Die? (Colossians 2:6-16)

We are coming into Easter week and  so I want to ask a couple of questions. Why did Jesus die on the Cross? Why did Jesus rise again? They are important questions. Often, we ask them when we are talking about why you should believe in Jesus. They are good questions for people completely newContinue reading “Why Did Jesus Die? (Colossians 2:6-16)”

The census that matters

It’s census day in the UK.  The idea is that every decade, each household must complete a form declaring who is at the address on the day, their race, gender, religion etc.  The data is used for planning and policy making purposes as part of public life. It also is eventually released online and canContinue reading “The census that matters”

Do evangelical and liberal Christians believe in the same God?

This may be an even more provocative question than yesterday’s question about whether or not Christians and Muslims worship the same God.  However, I hope it will help us to develop our thinking a but further.    It comes in the context of some of the responses to the first question, where the follow on isContinue reading “Do evangelical and liberal Christians believe in the same God?”

Do Christians and Muslims believe in the same God?

This is one of those questions that comes up from time to time.  Don’t we actually worship the same God?  Isn’t it just that Christians have some funny views about Jesus being God’s Son (from a Muslim perspective).  The question goes a bit further than the usual “all religions are the same” line and isContinue reading “Do Christians and Muslims believe in the same God?”

Recovering Apologetics

I want to highlight three things that have stood out about the current apologetics movement recently.  The first is well publicised, which is the fall from grace of prominent apologist Ravi Zacharias.  The fall started when it was discovered that he had misled about his academic qualifications and when information began to come out aboutContinue reading “Recovering Apologetics”

Goodbye Mr Potato Head

So Hasbro have decided to rebrand one of their toys and twitter is not happy. No longer will the brand be referred to as Mr Potato Head. This has prompted Christian social media outrage.  It is of course another example of political correctness gone mad. It is another attack on Biblical standards about marriage andContinue reading “Goodbye Mr Potato Head”