How consistent are modern views of a spiritual resurrection of Jesus with the evidence of the gospels?

One of the major fault lines within Christian Theology in recent times has been over the statement “I believe in the resurrection.”  What does it mean to claim this?[1] Many Christians would insist that this means that Jesus rose physically from the dead.  However, a number of theologians have argued that this is not necessary. … Continue reading How consistent are modern views of a spiritual resurrection of Jesus with the evidence of the gospels?

A virgin birth and “a conjuring trick with bones”?

A Christmas and Easter tradition on social media seems to be to refer back to the infamous Bishop of Durham, Rev Dr David Jenkins who in the 1980s allegedly denied the virgin birth and the resurrection of Jesus.  I say allegedly because I note that there have been significant attempts to defend Jenkins.  Those defences… Continue reading A virgin birth and “a conjuring trick with bones”?

The right ending of Mark?

When you get to Mark 16:8, you see a couple of little notes which indicate that most of the earliest manuscripts we have of the Gospel finish about here, however, some, including those that were relied upon for much of the time when the Bible was first being translated into English offer either a shorter… Continue reading The right ending of Mark?

What the Archbishop didn’t say

Last weekend, before we got back to things like parties in Downing Street and whether the Prime Minister tells the truth, the media and social media were full of reports and debate about what the Archbishop of Canterbury had said in his Easter Day sermon.  Reports focused on some statements critical of the UK’s Rwanda… Continue reading What the Archbishop didn’t say

Why is the Resurrection Good News?

The Resurrection is good News because it tells us that we are not alone Most of us find ourselves faced with two competing alternatives  Superstition This is driven by fear of the unknown and the unexplained. It leads to attempts to control the unknown through ritual. We might believe in spiritual forces but these are… Continue reading Why is the Resurrection Good News?

First Look 4: The end … or is it?

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Discussion Starters What do you fear the most? If you knew that you had six months left to live, would you change anything about your plans and your daily routine? A look at the Bible Today we arrive at the part of the story which Luke gives most attention to. A biographer usually spends most… Continue reading First Look 4: The end … or is it?

“I know that you seek Jesus”

On Easter Sunday, I wrote about the very first words uttered after the resurrection “Do not be afraid.”  Today I want to draw you to the next thing that the angel said at the time (Matthew 28:5): “I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified” Well, certainly they were looking for the body of… Continue reading “I know that you seek Jesus”

The ugliness of death

Yesterday, Steve Kneale reported on new restrictions concerning burials and funerals that are being imposed in West Yorkshire. Grave-side mourners will be limited to 10 maximum (nb it is 6 here in Sandwell) but now, no mourners will be allowed at the Crematorium. Instead the Council will offer “direct cremations” with no mourners present and… Continue reading The ugliness of death