How to spot legalism

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The other night, we were looking at Paul’s passionate plea and rebuke to the Galatian church, the one where he talks about wishing that the Judaizers would go all the way and just castrate themselves. The question came up about how we spot legalism at work. In the conversation, we talked about how legalism might… Continue reading How to spot legalism

Skin Deep? (Matthew 5:17-48)

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“It doesn’t apply to me though.”  That seems to be the general attitude of British people to laws we don’t like. If you need to pop up to Durham for a few days and the lockdown rules say no, then you can probably find an exception. Rules about unnecessary journeys don’t apply to me if… Continue reading Skin Deep? (Matthew 5:17-48)

Being Salty – We hide our light when …

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“Witness … and where necessary use words.” It was one of the most over used, cliched and patently false little sayings doing the rounds when I was at uni.  I think people also tried, without factual evidence to attribute it to St Francis of Assisi. The point is that you always, always need to use… Continue reading Being Salty – We hide our light when …

Did the Church miss an opportunity during lockdown?

It’s locked in my memory, my first ever Bradford City game. The year is 1986 and our next-door neighbour agreed I could go with him to see City play Huddersfield Town. We are stood in the crowd behind the goal, the ball is played into our centre forward, he is a couple of feet out… Continue reading Did the Church miss an opportunity during lockdown?

Should we sympathise with Dominic Cummings?

On Saturday May 23rd news broke that Dominic Cummings (Boris Johnson’s chief of staff) had allegedly broke the lockdown rules to visit his parents in Durham.   Over the day, the story changed several times. The explanation was given that he went because he and his wife were beginning o show symptoms of COVID-19 and that… Continue reading Should we sympathise with Dominic Cummings?