Welcome to Faithroots Live Wednesday

This is something new that we’ll be trying each Wednesday.  I’m aiming to include as much live content as possible throughout he day via our Facebook page. The reason for this is that one of my concerns is to help provide training resources for those engaging in urban ministry and particularly for those who mightContinue reading “Welcome to Faithroots Live Wednesday”

Faithroots Live Wednesdays

After a Christmas/New Year break we’ll be back on Wednesday for Faithroots Live. One f my aims has been to provide teaching and training online, particularly but not exclusively with those called to urban contexts in mind.  So, with a little bit of free time on my hand as we await our next posting andContinue reading “Faithroots Live Wednesdays”

Were we prepared?

I remember the pastor of a church I used to attend commenting that rarely when people are in the midst of the crisis is that the time to try and teach them how to face the situation.  Rather, if we are going to get through the challenge of a health, work or relationship crisis thenContinue reading “Were we prepared?”

Preparing that delicious (spiritual) meal

In a recent article, I suggested that people sometimes feel like they aren’t fed in church because it is like raw, bloodied meat, substantial but unappetising. Others feel unfed because the meal is all sauce and no meat.  So I thought I’d double down on that imagery! I want to suggest to you that whilstContinue reading “Preparing that delicious (spiritual) meal”

Are Christians meant to feed themselves?

A couple of years back, a US church surveyed its members to get a better understanding of retention issues. They discovered that a major problem was that a lot of members, especially those who were mature Christians felt that they were not being properly fed. The church’s response?  They began to look at how theyContinue reading “Are Christians meant to feed themselves?”

I don’t feel fed (part 2) – how do we feed the church?

Yesterday I wrote about the problem when people don’t feel fed in church. I highlighted that 30-40 years ago, many churches would have provided quite a programme in the week for teaching including services, adult Sunday schools and midweek ministry. Given that feeding has a wider dimension than just intellectual content, we might add toContinue reading “I don’t feel fed (part 2) – how do we feed the church?”

“I don’t feel fed”

Imagine that you went to the doctor for a check up and they asked you how much you ate. They were happy with the amount of calories you were consuming each week. However, there was a problem, you were consuming them all in one go with a massive Sunday lunch.  You may be getting theContinue reading ““I don’t feel fed””


A significant conversation at the start of the coronavirus was about the distinction between seeking to manage the virus and seeking to suppress the virus. Along with most other governments, the UK took the suppression route because of the expected higher death tolls from management only,] It is therefore important to think carefully about whatContinue reading “Suppression”

Spiritual Gifts

In yesterday’s #AfternoonTea we were talking about the Gifts of the Spirit.  How do I know what gift I have?  How many are there? How do I grow in my use of the gifts? Here are the headlines  with the video to watch below. The NT has a number of lists of gifts, they allContinue reading “Spiritual Gifts”