Which came first – Scripture or culture?

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Yesterday I wrote about God, gender, pronouns and the church.  Now, the classic response of liberal theology is to argue that the language we use about God and the church with Christ as groom and church as bride is somewhat arbitrary so that we could reverse it.  Then, it is further suggested that the reason… Continue reading Which came first – Scripture or culture?

Revelation through the lens of the Ukraine invasion

I’ve argued before that when we read Revelation it is applicable to our present situation, not because we attempt to read a detailed chronology of the last days with timings but because we best understand Revelation as offering God’s explanation of the whole of history from the perspective of the end. This means that we… Continue reading Revelation through the lens of the Ukraine invasion

What if this is the end of days?

Some people have been asking over the past few days whether the conflict we are seeing in Ukraine is an end times battle, one of the events that will signal the end of the world.  There are understandable reasons for the question to be asked.  First, the conflict involves one of the main nuclear powers… Continue reading What if this is the end of days?

The end of a world

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I recently wrote about whether the book of Revelation and other apocalyptic literature (Daniel, Matthew 24) etc predict current events that we are seeing now.  I guess my answer was “yes and no.”  No, in the sense most people understand the prophecy to be working.  We are not meant to find chapters in the Bible… Continue reading The end of a world

Is Revelation being fulfilled in our time?

Throughout my life time I’ve been able to guarantee that particular events such as natural disasters, public immorality, secular hostility and particularly strife in the middle east will be picked up by people as evidence that we are in the last days and that the prophecies in Daniel, Revelation and Matthew 24 are now being… Continue reading Is Revelation being fulfilled in our time?

Contextual visions and dreams

If you’ve not had chance to yet, do have a listen to last week’s Faithroots Podcast where I was talking to Jonny Mellor of Church Central and Sputnik. Jonny helpfully gets us thinking about the way that Christians should engage with the arts and culture generally. In the conversation we talk about Daniel as a… Continue reading Contextual visions and dreams

Return of the King -download

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I love the book of Revelation. The imagery in the book is vivid, the plotline exciting and this book keeps pointing to our certain hope in Christ and the wonders of future new creation. However, it’s an often misunderstood and misused book. Revelation has become the scene of many unseemly scraps between Christians becoming dogmatic… Continue reading Return of the King -download

Could aliens exist and would it matter if they did?

Another one of those questions put out on twitter. I suspect that what has provoked the question is that the possible existence of extra-Terrestrials and UFOs has been in the news recently due to reports that the Pentagon takes their existence seriously and treats reported sightings from military personnel as credible.  Now, I remain sceptical.… Continue reading Could aliens exist and would it matter if they did?