Judgement Day

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How do we react to what Scripture has to say about judgement, not just the historic judgement of Israel or even the discipline we go through but also what Scripture has to say about God’s judgement on sin and evil, what it has to say about eternal judgement and hell. Read Isaiah 34 It’s judgement… Continue reading Judgement Day

Before you warn about danger first make sure there’s an ark ready

Noah was called by God to be a witness to the world around d him as the day of judgement drew near and the Flood was about to come.  It’s clear from the New Testament that Noah was preaching to the people, warning them of coming danger. This warning came through the fact that he… Continue reading Before you warn about danger first make sure there’s an ark ready


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Read Genesis 6:5-8 God had mandated humanity to fill and to subdue the earth.  Here we see a partial fulfilment of this.  Yes, humans are spreading out, multiplying and filling the earth but because of sin, instead of the earth being filled with worshippers and worship, it is now full of evil.  Where God had… Continue reading Grievous


Despite the judgement on Cain, once again, God is not done with mankind.  Cain and his wife have children and they in turn have children. Read Genesis 4:17-26 Common Grace First, we see through Cain’s line how God blesses humanity as promised, enabling and equipping them to carry out the work of filling and subduing. … Continue reading Grace

Sinners in the hand of an angry God? A response to Beth Moore

Sinners in the hands of an angry God is the title of a sermon by Jonathan Edwards, the New England preacher and pastor associated with the Great Awakening.  It is a controversial one in our day and age. Steve Chalke particularly objected to it in his book, The Lost Message of Jesus. Now, Beth Moore… Continue reading Sinners in the hand of an angry God? A response to Beth Moore

Death as exile

What does God mean when he warns Adam and Eve that on the day that they eat from the forbidden tree that they will die?  We know that they didn’t immediately die physically, they lived for many years after, although they would now experience, sickness and mortality.  This is where our Biblical Theology theme of… Continue reading Death as exile

Are you ready?

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Mark 13 takes us to two questions. There’s the immediate question from the disciples is simple enough “when will the destruction of the Temple happen?” The second arises out of it and moves beyond one “mini-world-end” to the greater end of the world event when Jesus will return.  Jesus addresses this too. Read Mark 13:24-37… Continue reading Are you ready?