Can I say to an unbeliever “God loves you?”

At least one pastor on social media doesn’t think so. This raises some interesting questions. The first of which is can we through a quick scan through Acts draw such a dogmatic conclusion as that the apostles “never” did something. Interestingly, if we are looking for examples from New Testament narrative, my friend -and experienced… Continue reading Can I say to an unbeliever “God loves you?”


#TheDailyDose – Hosea 5 addresses the leaders of Israel, priests and royalty. It is helpful therefore for church leaders to hear the challenge but we must also remember that the New Testament addresses us as a “Royal Priesthood” so that this sobering chapter challenges us all. Audio version Video Version

Fall and Judgement

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Failure and Rebellion In Genesis 1 and 2 God had been the primary actor and it was his voice that was heard consistently. God spoke in order to bring things into being and events to pass. Towards the end of Genesis 2, man is drawn more towards the centre of the stage so that he… Continue reading Fall and Judgement