Leaders at risk

These reflections were prompted by a conversation with my dad who has been reading through 1 Samuel over the past few weeks.  We were talking about Saul and his response to David’s popularity, his jealousy when David is praised for killing more Philistines than him. On one level, there’s some practical questions.  How should a… Continue reading Leaders at risk

Adoption: What God says about you

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When King Saul and his sons died in battle, one of the few survivors from the family was a little boy called Mephibosheth.   As his family fled, he was dropped, irreparably damaging his legs so that he was unable to walk.[1]  Later King David expressed the desire to show kindness to relatives of Jonathan, Saul’s… Continue reading Adoption: What God says about you

Galatians Reconsidered (Book Review)

Much ink has been spilt over a little controversy amongst New Testament Theologians, the so called New Perspective on Paul. Neil Martin believes that he has found a way through the impasse to enable us to be enriched by Paul’s teaching, especially in Galatians. The New Perspective was a response to the traditional Protestant position,… Continue reading Galatians Reconsidered (Book Review)

Before you warn about danger first make sure there’s an ark ready

Noah was called by God to be a witness to the world around d him as the day of judgement drew near and the Flood was about to come.  It’s clear from the New Testament that Noah was preaching to the people, warning them of coming danger. This warning came through the fact that he… Continue reading Before you warn about danger first make sure there’s an ark ready


Despite the judgement on Cain, once again, God is not done with mankind.  Cain and his wife have children and they in turn have children. Read Genesis 4:17-26 Common Grace First, we see through Cain’s line how God blesses humanity as promised, enabling and equipping them to carry out the work of filling and subduing. … Continue reading Grace

Irresistable grace – the lost sheep revisited

How do you imagine the lost sheep responding when the shepherd arrives to find it?  Perhaps you see it there, hearing it’s master’s voice and running, or hobbling to get close.  Maybe, you picture it docile as the shepherd speaks gently and picks it up into his arms.  Both are possible depending on the sheep’s… Continue reading Irresistable grace – the lost sheep revisited

The tone and application of the passage is not always what the congregation need to hear

Here’s a confession. I really struggled with Chapel services at Theological College. It wasn’t the Anglican liturgy I struggled with. Although I’m a free church guy and wouldn’t use Common Worship in my church context, I’ve actually appreciated the prayer book for time to time. We even used it for a daily Facebook slot during… Continue reading The tone and application of the passage is not always what the congregation need to hear

The only stumbling block (Mark 10:32-34)

In Mark 10, we’ve been seeing the different obstacles and barriers that people face or create for themselves when it comes to knowing Jesus.  It is so important that we do not put barriers up to others.  There is however, one barrier that none of us can avoid.  Peter has responded to the sad case… Continue reading The only stumbling block (Mark 10:32-34)

Wanted: A few Prophet Nathans

King David had committed the most horrendous sin. He’d taken and violated Bathsheba. He’d then had her husband murdered under the cover of battle.  His sin will have been an open secret. Even as he sought desperately to cover it up, he drew others into his sin.  Why didn’t they speak up? I suspect fear… Continue reading Wanted: A few Prophet Nathans

Jesus satisfies (Luke 9:10-17)

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I want to ask you two questions.  We are heading into a difficult winter with rising prices, a cost of living crisis and an energy crisis. Even with the help offered by the government, many will struggle.  Are you anxious as we head into the winter?  Perhaps you’re thinking that even if domestic energy costs… Continue reading Jesus satisfies (Luke 9:10-17)