The Curse

Covenant History blessed in God’s presence, cursed by exile from it To understand the Covenant ceremony, we need to go back to Genesis  1-3.  God creates a good world and also plants a beautiful and secure garden for the first humans, Adam and Eve, to live in.  Adam is commissioned to tend to the gardenContinue reading “The Curse”

What drives false teachers, bullies and abusers?

False teachers also tend to be bullies and abusers. The reverse is also true, abusers and bullies tend to be false teachers if they happen to be involved in church life and leadership. There are a couple of reasons for this. First of all, false teaching is itself a form of spiritual abuse, secondly falseContinue reading “What drives false teachers, bullies and abusers?”

Depression tells you that you are weak – and that’s okay

It’s the funny thing about Sertraline.  Every morning if you’ve been pre-scribed it, the box sits there on the breakfast table as a reminder that you need to take your medication. And each morning, it shouts out to you “You are so weak.” It’s funny because you don’t think that when you get up andContinue reading “Depression tells you that you are weak – and that’s okay”

Law and Spirit: A COVID Parable

Imagine this: it’s summer 2021.  After extensive trials and tests, the COVID-19 vaccine is available.  It has been internationally confirmed to be reliable, safe and effective. Here in the UK it is available to you for free. What would you say to someone who is choosing to refuse the vaccine and instead is insisting onContinue reading “Law and Spirit: A COVID Parable”

What should we look for in missions presentations?

This post is prompted a little by Steve Kneale’s article where he describes sitting through a missions’ sermon.  It got me thinking a little about what we expect in and from a missions talk. So often the aim of a such a presentation (aside from sharing specific prayer points) tends to be about persuading meContinue reading “What should we look for in missions presentations?”

#BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter ?

My wife is a teacher. As a teacher, she wants to ensure that all of the children in her classes are treated equally and fairly. However, she has discovered over the years that “treating fairly” does not mean “treating the same.” She has learnt that if the gap is to be closed for boys thenContinue reading “#BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter ?”

Being filled with the Spirit and not drunk on wine (Sealed with the Spirit 5)

What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit.  I have often heard two illustrations for this. That we are like jugs and the Holy Spirit like water. Just as the jug may lose water as it is drunk or spilt, so we can lose some of the fullness of the Spirit and needContinue reading “Being filled with the Spirit and not drunk on wine (Sealed with the Spirit 5)”