A lens to look through

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In this week’s #FaithrootsLive we continued to examine the issue of male and female leadership roles in church by beginning to look at hermeneutics. How do we know that we are interpreting and applying the passages that talk about men and women correctly? In order to answer the question, we are considering a case study… Continue reading A lens to look through

Watch back #FaithrootsLive “Men and women (1)”

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For those who missed this week’s Faithroots Live you an watch back and interact here. One of the aims of Faithroots is to provide additional theological teaching and training for those who want it but would not be able to access normal theological training through seminaries/theological colleges. I provide this through articles on this website,… Continue reading Watch back #FaithrootsLive “Men and women (1)”

The unhappy narcissist

Yesterday I wrote about the happy narcissist. We can assume that narcissists will be happy people, so caught up in the wonder of their own beauty and brilliance and enjoying the good things that come their way. However, not all narcissists are happy. Indeed, yesterday we saw that they are not truly happy because true… Continue reading The unhappy narcissist

The happy narcissist

It’s not too difficult to spot a narcissist. They are the ones who believe that the world revolves around them. They have an excessively high view of their own importance and abilities.  Now, to be clear narcissism should not be confused with confidence.  It is possible to have a natural confidence and awareness of your… Continue reading The happy narcissist

Are we playing the same game?

Imagine watching the Euros as a Rugby Union fan. You would cheer every time a player took the ball beyond the by-line or booted it over the goal posts and you’d be surprised every time there was jubilation whenever the ball went under the bar. You’d be assessing the team’s performance by a different set… Continue reading Are we playing the same game?

The pastor’s thorn

Paul David Tripp writes: “I was a failure and I was running. I couldn’t imagine a life of pastoral ministry anymore. It had once been a passion, a dream that seemed too good to be true but that passion had now morphed into a burden, one I no longer wanted to bear.”[1] I’m sure that… Continue reading The pastor’s thorn

When you have nothing left to give

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Do you feel like you’ve nothing more to give, like you’ve come to the end of yourself? Maybe you’ve felt like that in the past, maybe you feel that way now. There’s a good chance that you are going to know that feeling at some point in the future. It’s that feeling that you can’t… Continue reading When you have nothing left to give

Church decision making – methods and majorities

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This is a follow up to my article on how we go about making decisions as churches. In my previous article, I talked about when decisions should be made by church leaders and when they should be made by the whole congregation all together. Today, I’d like to talk about the nuts and bolts of… Continue reading Church decision making – methods and majorities