Urban mission is both urgent and longterm

As our time at Bearwood Chapel comes to a close, we wanted to take time to listen to others to find out where the need is and where we can best help in terms of urban Gospel mission. Over the past few weeks I’ve been having lots of conversations, some have been with people I’veContinue reading “Urban mission is both urgent and longterm”

Anglican Evangelicals, The CofE and church unity

Stephen Kneale has started a mini-series of articles on whether or not evangelicals should remain in the Church of England. You can read his own article arguing that evangelicals should leave, here.  You will also see that he is providing space for guest posts in response over the next few days.  To me, this feelsContinue reading “Anglican Evangelicals, The CofE and church unity”

Husbands, wives, Ephesians 5 and mental health (responding to Beth Moore’s questions)

Earlier in the week, Beth Moore asked two questions, specifically aimed at men who hold to a complementarian view of male/female relationships in the church and family.[1]  Whilst she asked for quick tweet answers, I wanted to make a fuller response. So here it is. My friend Steve Kneale has also written and so IContinue reading “Husbands, wives, Ephesians 5 and mental health (responding to Beth Moore’s questions)”

Food from around the world wide web

Leadership in a lengthy lockdown The FIEC have been providing some helpful resources for churches in lockdown. Here’s their most recent webinar. We are realising that elements of the lockdown are likely to be around for a long time and it will be quite some time before church is anywhere near back to normal 10Continue reading “Food from around the world wide web”

Resources for facing depression

In this post I wanted to provide a quick round up of suggested resources for people struggling with emotional health issues. Because as I mentioned here, depression and emotional health is multi-faceted, you will want to look at a range of helps responding to both the spiritual and physical dynamics involved. I will also tryContinue reading “Resources for facing depression”

Food from around the World Wide Web

The blogosphere is still heavily dominated by Coronavirus so I’m pleased to be able to kick off about a good old fashioned article, nothing to do with plagues and lockdowns, just straight forwad -how do we properly handle God’s Word. Oh and what a title. Thanks Steve! Pouring Cow’s Urine over the text To ZoomContinue reading “Food from around the World Wide Web”