Discerning a calling to the urban West Midlands

My desire is to see gospel communities planted into our urban inner city and council estate neighbourhoods in the West Midlands.  I believe that if this is going to happen then we’ll need two things. First of all, we’ll need indigenous church leaders from working class estate contexts and multi-ethnic contexts to be raised up,… Continue reading Discerning a calling to the urban West Midlands

Could you help reach the urban West Midlands with the Gospel?

The West Midlands is home to 2,607,000 people.  That includes over 1 million in Birmingham and half a million living in a cluster of towns and urban villages where the Industrial Revolution started known as The Black Country.  Over the past decade, significant work went into encouraging church planting via The 2020 Birmingham Initiative, a… Continue reading Could you help reach the urban West Midlands with the Gospel?

Regathering and Replanting

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I want to think a little bit more about what is involved for churches coming out of lockdown.  I did one of my mini-surveys via twitter recently and here are the results. As always, I’m not claiming that my survey gives  infallible, fully representative, scientific, Gallup standard analysis. However, it is a good dip check… Continue reading Regathering and Replanting

On idols families and estates

Mez McConnell has written this on people considering Gospel ministry on estates – or as they are called in Scotland “schemes.” There’s some helpful truth about the cost of discipleship and mission in Mez’s article. I hope he won’t mind though if I just push back a little on a couple of points. First of… Continue reading On idols families and estates

West Smethwick Replant

It’s about three years ago that I had a call from a chap called Steve Horton from Sheffield. He wanted to meet up with me to talk about the local church situation in the West Midlands. He’d just been asked to start looking after evangelical Congregational Churches in the area (Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches)… Continue reading West Smethwick Replant

Thoughts on re-planting as a form of church revitalisation

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Replanting is a little different to church revitalisation. There is a sense in which any church of any size could need and probably at some point will need a form of revitalisation to breath fresh life in. That might involve changes to personnel, culture and to teaching to enable renewal and/or reformation depending where the… Continue reading Thoughts on re-planting as a form of church revitalisation

More thoughts on urban planting

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As you know, one of my concerns is to see churches planted into our less fashionable areas and to see them established and multiplying.  Moving from what we desperately want to see to actually seeing it, is the challenge though.  We’ve been looking to see if it would be possible to get involved in pioneer… Continue reading More thoughts on urban planting

A post coronavirus church planting strategy

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I’m continuing to try and encourage people to think about future church planting. I realise that after the pandemic a lot of us will be looking at the fragile state of churches and the temptation will be to go into maintenance mode.  I hope we won’t do that. There remains a great need out there.… Continue reading A post coronavirus church planting strategy

Are you ticking “not religious”?

Humanists UK are launching their every decade campaign for people to tick on the Census that they are  not religious. The argument is that people tick to say they are Christian or whatever because they associate it with a cultural identity or their parents.  The recognition that one is not born a Christian and cannot… Continue reading Are you ticking “not religious”?