COVID and Cold Contact Evangelism

I’ve been writing about how we go about building back our outreach as we move out of lockdown. In a recent post, I wrote that I didn’t think we should rush to put back some of of our traditional outreach ministries such as children’s clubs and Toddlers groups.  The reason for this is that weContinue reading “COVID and Cold Contact Evangelism”

The “both – and” of mission

Republished from the archives (2018) One of my personal passions and priorities is to see people get involved in urban mission, making disciples who make disciples in communities where there is practically no gospel witness at the moment. That’s why I keep pointing visitors to to our ActBC pages. That urban focus means thatContinue reading “The “both – and” of mission”

Did we grow to love the fringe too much?

I resisted for a while, especially when I hoped lockdown would be short but eventually I succumbed. I realised that my hair was beginning to look like I was channelling Boris Johnson.  So, I bought some clippers and in a dramatic, bold move set them to number one before unleashing them on my head.  I’veContinue reading “Did we grow to love the fringe too much?”

The challenge is not the state of the harvest, it is the need for workers

The fall out continues from  the recent announcements of cutbacks in the Church of England. If the church of England had a particular strength in the past, it was that it was a church for the whole country and this was reflected in the Parish system. The risk with this was that the CoEE gotContinue reading “The challenge is not the state of the harvest, it is the need for workers”

Investigating Church Planting

This is the second part of a look at how pastors move to new posts.  It’s partly for those of you who are interested in how I’m spending my days at the moment but also I hope these two articles will be helpful for those who are considering a call to the pastorate or callingContinue reading “Investigating Church Planting”

Pandemic or Tsunami proofing Gospel multiplication

The other day, I talked about things that can prove obstacles to Gospel multiplication. At the end, I mentioned something specific to our current circumstance. I do not think that we were Tsunami proof. We were not ready for the crisis of the pandemic. There has been multiplication but it was vulnerable and fragile.  OfContinue reading “Pandemic or Tsunami proofing Gospel multiplication”

The urban mission field is not a playground

There are a number of parachurch organisations dedicated to encouraging people to get involved in evangelism and world mission. There’s often a focus on young people and an emphasis on short term missions. Now, this is one of those articles where lots of disclaimers are needed and I’m running the risk of causing offence.  So,Continue reading “The urban mission field is not a playground”

Learning from Steve Timmis and the Crowded House (The 31:8 Report)

I would like to draw your attention to the review that the churches safeguarding body, 31:8 carried out following the high profile accusations of bullying and abuse relating to their senior leader and Acts29 CEO Steve Timmis. News — The Crowded House   Final+Report+-+The+Crowded+House+Learning+Review+-+October+2020.pdf ( I think it would be helpful for any church leadership teamContinue reading “Learning from Steve Timmis and the Crowded House (The 31:8 Report)”

The Accidental Church Planter (Part 2): The unexpected plant

It was a Saturday afternoon in early January and we had opened up the building for a half day of prayer. Towards the end, a cluster of people walked in. I knew two of them because they were regular attendees by now. They introduced us to the other couple. Jose and Patti were Mexican refugeesContinue reading “The Accidental Church Planter (Part 2): The unexpected plant”

The Accidental Planter (part 1)

Back in 2011, we had a series of church members meetings and an way day to tackle the theme “Space to Grow”. The Chapel building holds about 100 people, we can get up to 120 in at a squeeze with some overspill into the foyer. In reality the true, comfortable capacity of the building isContinue reading “The Accidental Planter (part 1)”