Faithroots Training

“We want you to be the best possible gift to the local church.”

Mike Ovey

This was how Mike Ovey, former principal of Oak Hill Theological College described the mission of his college. Well our theological colleges do a fantastic job of equipping people for Gospel ministry so they are the best possible gift. However for some people, Theological College is not the right option.  It may be that you don’t have the finances to fund an expensive course over 3 years or that you don’t have the time for full time learning. Not all of us learn best in an academic environment.

So, one of the aims of Faithroots is to provide training for those who are unable to best benefit from a Theological College/Seminary education.  The aim is to provide teaching and training that supports a vocational route into pastoral ministry.

Teaching and training is provided through PDF E-books covering major subject areas, blog articles, videos and audio podcast content.  It is possible simply to dip into this content where you are. However, I’m also looking for people to link up with us for more formal vocational training and I’m particularly looking for people who might plan to come and spend two to three years with us. The aim then would be that over a two to three year period, you would live in a particular community and begin work on a church plant. In  the worst case scenario you will have had a few fantastic years in which to learn more about the Bible whilst sharing your life and your faith with others but in some cases we may even see some fledgling churches in areas where the Gospel isn’t yet present.

To find out more about training with us, please get in touch using the contact form below:

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