Faithroots TV

How do you know?

A series of talks accompanying the E-Book available from our publications page, introducing a doctrine of revelation.

Safer Churches

If we are seeking to multiply urban church plants then it’s important that we are planting healthy churches. This should include a concern for the safety and well-being of the congregation

Christ and his bride

A five part series where we explore Song of Songs together. An opportunity to renew intimacy with Jesus.


A three part series thinking about the Christian vision of our future home and how this affects our desire to create home here and now.

Daily Prayer

This is another little series of talks on the topic of prayer but this time using the Common Worship Morning Prayer service as a basis for teaching on the subject

What the Carols Mean

Reflections based on Advent and Christmas Carols

How to pray

New series looking at the Lord’s Prayer.

How Long?

Hope for the overwhelmed

Fools Wisdom

How are you doing with your worry?

One year on from our first YouTube video, here’s another video talking about the problem of worry

The Valley of Vision

Puritan prayers with suggested Bible readings and a short meditation

You shall know the truth -anatomy of a conspiracy theory


Reformation Reflections

Love Conquers Death (1 John)

A last conversation with Jesus (John 13)

Going Home – and life in between whilst waiting (John 14)

Sealed with the Holy Spirit


Racism , Anti-Semitism

Previous Events

Faithroots Live – God is Great

Afternoon Tea looking at Hebrews 9


Don’t worry – how we face a crisis
I don’t just want you to survive

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