Swifter, smaller, simpler

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Our church family have just been on a weekend away. We are part of a family of churches that originated out of the same plant and are seeking to reach Birmingham with the Gospel.  The church holiday brought the three congregations together. During the weekend, one of the speakers talked about our vision as a… Continue reading Swifter, smaller, simpler

A vision for urban West Midlands Church planting

My current focus is on encouraging church planting into the Urban West Midlands. My desire is not to see one church growing big but to see a city that is full of churches bringing Gospel light to needy neighbourhoods. My specific concern is for those areas that are often less reached with the Gospel.  This… Continue reading A vision for urban West Midlands Church planting

What does your church value?

I’ve been writing a few articles on things like mission and vision statements.  There is the risk that such things can feel corporate, slick and fluffy. However, if a mission statement is really simply “Matthew 28:19-20 with a date stamp and a postcode” then what we are doing is helping the church apply God’s word… Continue reading What does your church value?

A vision for your church?

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The other day, I wrote about mission statements and value statements. I also mentioned that it can be helpful to draft out a slightly longer statement describing what you might call the vision for the church. This is not about arrogantly making grand claims about what you are going to achieve. Everything will be in… Continue reading A vision for your church?

It couldn’t be me

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I’ve written and spoken quite a bit about the need for people to come and help get churches planted on our estates and in our inner cities. I’ve also talked about the possibility of people starting to do this whilst benefitting from training for Gospel ministry. One thing I’m mindful of is that a lot… Continue reading It couldn’t be me

Planter speed up – the core team isn’t coming

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Dan Steel has written on the Acts29 site encouraging church planters to slow down and work more on building a healthy core team before they plant.  I’m loath to disagree with Dan, he’s an experienced pastor and planter who knows what he’s talking about. I also think that there is much in his article to… Continue reading Planter speed up – the core team isn’t coming

The Fragility of Church Plants

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Over the past decade, there has been a renewed interest in church planting. It’s something I write about quite a bit with a particular focus on reaching urban contexts.  Since we moved to the West Midlands, we have been linked with an initiative first known as 2020 Birmingham and now as The Birmingham Collective. The… Continue reading The Fragility of Church Plants

Why I’m less keen on talking about class and church

There’s been much discussion about class and church in evangelical circles recently and despite the title I think that this is generally a good thing if it gets us talking about the missing people and unreached areas that should “rebuke our slothful ease” More so if it leads not just to talk but to action.… Continue reading Why I’m less keen on talking about class and church


A little while back I wrote a little on the way that we can be tempted by three types of idol: approval, comfort and security.  Now one of the things about idols is that they tend to be parasitical on things that are genuine needs and in and of themselves, in context, within boundaries are… Continue reading Approval