Faithroots Live is back

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We’re coming out of lockdown so I’m planning to run some Faithroots Live sessions through the Autumn. This term we’ll be meeting up on Facebook on Tuesday evenings (8pm -9pm) with lots of Biblical studies, church history and doctrine to get your teeth into -all with a practical pastoral edge. Faithroots Live is particularly aimed… Continue reading Faithroots Live is back

A post coronavirus church planting strategy

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I’m continuing to try and encourage people to think about future church planting. I realise that after the pandemic a lot of us will be looking at the fragile state of churches and the temptation will be to go into maintenance mode.  I hope we won’t do that. There remains a great need out there.… Continue reading A post coronavirus church planting strategy

#ProjectHope – church planting post pandemic

One of the things we’ve talked about quite a bit over the past 8 or 9 months is the expectation that a proportion of people will not be returning to our churches after Coronavirus.  In the early heady days of online content, it was easy to get carried away with the high viewing figures for… Continue reading #ProjectHope – church planting post pandemic

Money Talks

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This guest post on Steve Kneale’s blog has generated plenty of further discussion among those with a particular concern for Gospel ministry into working class and urban contexts.  THs has highlighted that as well as passionate concern for the Gospel to go out to unreached areas, there is understandably disagreement at times about how we… Continue reading Money Talks

Showing Off: Proclamation in context

Well, we have finally arrived at the summit of our discussion. This is where we want to be. We’ve stepped in, searched out, showed up and now it is time to show off. The point is not that we now show off our learning or our righteousness. Rather, we get to show off Christ in… Continue reading Showing Off: Proclamation in context

Showing Up – Turning From Idols

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In the last chapter, I identified a number of redemptive offers, alternative hope offered from religious, political, social or economic perspectives.  At the end of the chapter I observed that these alternative solutions have several things in common. They encourage people to assume a victim identity. The world is then divided between a powerful minority… Continue reading Showing Up – Turning From Idols

Served by the Gospel… Serving the Gospel Romans 1:8-15

We started Romans by asking “What is it that believers seeking to serve God in our cities need” and I suggested that we would find the answer in this letter, specifically the need for Grace and Peace. This is now reinforced by the next part of the letter.   A letter from Paul often seems… Continue reading Served by the Gospel… Serving the Gospel Romans 1:8-15

The challenge is not the state of the harvest, it is the need for workers

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The fall out continues from  the recent announcements of cutbacks in the Church of England. If the church of England had a particular strength in the past, it was that it was a church for the whole country and this was reflected in the Parish system. The risk with this was that the CoEE got… Continue reading The challenge is not the state of the harvest, it is the need for workers

Showing Up: Alternative Hope

In this chapter, we start to think more about idolatry and the alternative (false) hopes that people living in urban neighbourhoods are offered.  Showing up, is the stage where we start to think about why idolatry offers false hope by showing up its failings and flaws. Idolatry offers false hope because whilst for a time… Continue reading Showing Up: Alternative Hope