Church workers and evenings

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There are challenges about how we do ministry in a healthy way.  This means that there are aspects to church leadership both in a paid and in a voluntary capacity that are difficult, sometimes these are unavoidable and sometimes they are simply down to how we organise things. One frequent suggestion is that the pressure… Continue reading Church workers and evenings

Is my friend on the slippery slope?

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My friend Steve Kneale wrote this article the other day arguing that if we are encouraging and offering theological training for men in the church, then we should also offer it for women too.  Men and women should have equal access to this kind of training and education. All of that at first glance seemed… Continue reading Is my friend on the slippery slope?

Board games and the missing step when interviewing potential pastors

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My friend Richard Baxter has suggested that pastoral interviews should include a game of monopoly. He is not being completely serious about having board games but he is arguing that we need more than just an interview and a preach to get a feel for potential pastoral candidates. As it happens, whilst the interview process… Continue reading Board games and the missing step when interviewing potential pastors

The key difference between the volunteer and the staff worker

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I saw this helpful thread from Tim Wilson, the other day about how to volunteer in church life without burning out.  One useful observation he made was that church members shouldn’t compare what they are able to commit to with what a paid member of staff such as the pastor or youth worker can do. … Continue reading The key difference between the volunteer and the staff worker

Pastors and planters -wives and families

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Mez McConnell has written an article for prospective planters where their wives are less keen on the prospect of urban/estate church planting.  What should they do.  Mez’s essential point is that there needs to be complete unity in sharing the calling between husband and wife. I agree with this. In fact, I remember one planter… Continue reading Pastors and planters -wives and families

Sorry … a centre for what?

The Gospel Coalition have announced the inauguration of The Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics.  The centre will bring together a number of prominent names in the world of apologetics as fellows with the aim of enabling collaboration in research and then to provide training for Christians.  I want to be clear at the outset that… Continue reading Sorry … a centre for what?

Food from around the worldwide web

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What are theologians for? The case of Karl Barth’s adultery. An illuminating and challenging read. Though it raises questions about what we do with the sins of other big names in church history. What do we do for example with those who kept slaves? 5 signs a pastor is over committed: learn to accept your… Continue reading Food from around the worldwide web

Abandoned? How do we square the difficult bits of Song of Songs?

I keep coming back to the question that Mike Ovey frequently asked his students at Oak Hill, “Will you let God disagree with you through his word?”   The point he would make was that we can tell the difference between an imaginary friend and a real friend by whether or not the friend disagreed with… Continue reading Abandoned? How do we square the difficult bits of Song of Songs?

Pastoring the grieving

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I’m continuing a little series on the day to day work of a pastor and so today we want to think about what happens when a member of the church or one of their family dies.  What should you be doing.  We cannot be over prescriptive here because every family will have different needs and… Continue reading Pastoring the grieving