The future of Christian magazines

It was something that you used to eagerly look forward to, the day when the latest editions of Evangelicals Now and Christianity Magazine were available in your local Christian bookshop. Nowadays I get my copy through the post and in fact can read most of the content online, often before my print copy arrives. But… Continue reading The future of Christian magazines

Censorship, criticism and editing

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Well, that’s twice in a row now! On two separate occasions I’ve been accused of trying to get someone censored.  The first was when I challenged David Robertson’s  Premier Christianity article about Donald Trump’s twitter account being suspended. The second follows my suggestions for a bit of editing to an article by John Benton for… Continue reading Censorship, criticism and editing

Whatever happened to the local church? A response to John Benton

I hope I can cheer John Benton up a little here. In his latest Evangelicals Now column he asks what has happened to the local church. The answer is that is is alive and kicking. That’s because Jesus is Lord of his church. To be fair, we’ve seen our share of the big city centre… Continue reading Whatever happened to the local church? A response to John Benton

Singing ourselves to death? Really?

I’ve been slow to respond to this one because to be honest, I just wasn’t sure how.  In a recent Evangelicals Now article, Lee Gattis asked “Have we been singing ourselves to death?”  The reason I wasn’t sure how to respond was because, even allowing for the desire to catch attention and provoke a response,… Continue reading Singing ourselves to death? Really?