We need to challenge the disturbing ways that older generations are spoken about and to

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About 100 years ago, as the world struggled with the aftermath of a Global pandemic, as warfare on a horrific scale in Europe brought fear and as people faced poverty and hardship because of economic depression, there were those who were keen to turn the focus on specific classes of people and encourage the politics… Continue reading We need to challenge the disturbing ways that older generations are spoken about and to

Questioning curiosity

Here’s an interesting one.  Jemar Tisby wrote: Now, perhaps ironically, that in itself raises a whole load of questions that his approving audience don’t seem to be asking. The first one is this.”  How would people have reacted if we replaced the words ‘white’, ‘evangelical’ and questions’ in that sentence?” A second question would be,… Continue reading Questioning curiosity

Race, class and geography (more thoughts on that report)

Just before Easter, the Commission on Race, equality and disparity reported.  The report has proved controversial with people focusing particularly on associated headlines questioning the existence of institutional racism and suggesting that the UK was in fact a positive example of improvements in race relations.  I chose to hold off from making an immediate response… Continue reading Race, class and geography (more thoughts on that report)

Ableism, society and the church

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In recent years, there have been strong and persistent campaigns against “Ableism”. Like sexism, ageism and racism, ableism is about prejudice against people seen as of less value than others. As the word suggests, it is about prejudicing able bodied people against those with physical and mental disabilities.  As with other prejudices, ableism can include… Continue reading Ableism, society and the church

Discrimination, diversity and the church

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Here’s the second part of our discussion about diversity and discrimination. Today we focused more on what this looks like in the church. People who came to the UK from around the Commonwealth had often served in the forces during the war and were also asked to come to help rebuild industry. They then often… Continue reading Discrimination, diversity and the church

Diversity and Discrimination

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Here is today’s Afternoon Tea. We have started a conversation about race and diversity and hope to continue, hopefully with guests. Today we talked about Implicit bias. Prejudice can arise as much out of assumptions about our own superiority and experience as normal as it does out of hostility to others That in some cases… Continue reading Diversity and Discrimination

Assumptions, Lockdown and the urban church

A lot of the assumptions I hear made about Coronavirus, the lockdown and life ahead assume a middle-class, suburban perspective on things.  Those might sound like provocative words but let me explain why I am saying this. First of all, there is a tendency to talk about the virus not discriminating. I understand the sentiments… Continue reading Assumptions, Lockdown and the urban church