A Biblical Theology of Race

From one man In Acts 17:26, Paul, speaking to the philosophers of Athens says about God. “From one man[f] he created all the nations throughout the whole earth. He decided beforehand when they should rise and fall, and he determined their boundaries.” . A Biblical Theology of race must start with the truth that there is… Continue reading A Biblical Theology of Race

Reforming the asylum system

Steve Kneale, has shared a proposal for a possible solution the current crisis in the channel tunnel with people seeking to enter Britain for asylum through hazardous boat crossings organised by people smugglers.  These crossings are dangerous and this week resulted in tragic loss of life.** I don’t intend to engage with the detail of… Continue reading Reforming the asylum system

Race, class and geography (more thoughts on that report)

Just before Easter, the Commission on Race, equality and disparity reported.  The report has proved controversial with people focusing particularly on associated headlines questioning the existence of institutional racism and suggesting that the UK was in fact a positive example of improvements in race relations.  I chose to hold off from making an immediate response… Continue reading Race, class and geography (more thoughts on that report)

Refugees – Blessing or burden?

Thinking back to a conversation I had with two other Christians about the Home Office’s approach to processing asylum claims, I was struck again by how much our perception of the asylum system is shaped by our view of asylum seekers themselves. If I think that asylum seekers are very likely to be fake, just… Continue reading Refugees – Blessing or burden?

How do we allow others to help us remove our logs and specks?

Photo by wendel moretti on Pexels.com

In a previous post I began to build on Steve Kneale’s post on the challenges of “logs and specks” in the eye of the church.  Steve said that the challenge is that we often cannot see our own logs to remove them. Here are some further thoughts. First of all, whilst I may not be… Continue reading How do we allow others to help us remove our logs and specks?

Food from around the Worldwide Web (12th June 2020)

The Gospel Demands that we grow multi-ethnic churches that overcome ethnic division “It is of vital importance that we allow the gospel to have it’s full intended effect of growing multi-racial communities of love and acceptance.” But why do black lives matter? Chipo Muwowo writes movingly of his own experience of racism and shows how… Continue reading Food from around the Worldwide Web (12th June 2020)


How important is ethnic diversity to a church? At Bearwood Chapel, we place a great emphasis on this. People within the church have explicitly prayed that we would reflect the neighbourhood around us. Nb 3 there are parts to this. FIrst is seeing it in attendance and there id movement on this though there are… Continue reading HUP